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How to Build an Affordable Emergency Kit for Hurricane Season

Don’t break the bank preparing for hurricane season. Learn five budget-friendly tips to build an emergency kit without overspending. From utilizing what you already have to savvy shopping and planning ahead, discover how to be prepared for a natural disaster on a budget.

As hurricane season approaches, it’s essential to have an emergency kit ready. However, building one doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve compiled five budget-friendly tips to help you create an affordable emergency kit without breaking the bank. From prioritizing essential items to utilizing what you already have, discover how to be prepared without overspending.

1- Determine Your Needs:

Start by identifying the bare essentials for your emergency kit, such as water, non-perishable food, clothes, and medicine. If you’re a homeowner, consider the tools and supplies needed for post-storm cleanup. Collaborate with neighbors to pool resources for communal cleanup items.

2- Prepare for Free:

Gather important documents, cell phone chargers, maps, and emergency cash from items you already have. Bottle your own water using bleach-purified, two-liter bottles filled with treated municipal water. Clean and fill your bathtub with cold water for non-potable purposes like flushing toilets and personal hygiene.

3- DIY to Save:

Create hurricane shutters using plywood or polycarbonate from hardware stores like Home Depot. Be mindful of waste and raw material scraps when cutting out shutters.

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4- Collect Cost-Effective Items:

Use coupons and penny-hoarding knowledge to save on purchases. Take advantage of cash-back sites and store hacks to get the best deals on items like batteries, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and bandages. Opt for generic items, available at dollar stores, for the best value. Buy in bulk to save on emergency rations like paper towels, toilet paper, canned goods, batteries, and bottled water. Consider battery-free emergency additions like wind-up flashlights and weather radios.

5- Plan Ahead:

Play the long game and stock up on sale items in advance. Avoid last-minute price gouging by preparing ahead of time. Set aside a portion of your savings budget as part of your emergency fund to cover any last-minute necessities.


Building an emergency kit for hurricane season doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. By prioritizing essentials, utilizing existing items, shopping wisely, and planning ahead, you can create a budget-friendly emergency kit to keep you prepared for any natural disaster. Stay safe and be ready with these affordable tips.

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