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81 DIY Christmas Ornaments – Best Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

The season of snow is here and your goal this year should be to make Christmas more fun and meaningful. We’re sure you can’t wait to light that tree up, gather around it, and have that gala dinner with everyone you love, but let’s add one more thing to the list—DIY ornaments!

Yes, you have read that right. We prefer usually store-bought glittery stuff to decorate the tree with, but try something else this time! Spruce up the tree with some handmade ornaments which would also be a fun Christmas activity for your family—gather around and bring that holiday spirit by making beautiful handmade ornaments.

From magical unicorns and button Christmas tree ornaments to aromatic and wooden ornaments, we have it all. There are also many creative DIYs here where the base is your favorite clear plastic ball ornaments. So scroll down and check out these pieces of art so you can start your own ones right away!

81 Best Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

1. DIY Dried Citrus Ornaments

Via Countryliving

Want to add some citrus wonders to the Christmas tree decor? You just have to string your own strand of citrus fruits that have a striking resemblance to classic stained glass.

Buy some parchment paper, cookie sheets, and decorative hooks to complete the DIY. You will need 1/4-inch slices of orange that need to be dried in the oven and soon you’ll have a beautiful strand, ready to adorn the tree! 

2. Oil Diffusor Christmas Ornament

Via Happydealhappyday

Yes, this is totally possible! You can make a Christmas ornament and store essential oil inside it so that the tree will not only look amazing but also smell fantastic. To complete this easy DIY, you will need white thread, beads of different types like oval, pearl, etc., and wide gold ribbons.

You can choose natural pine scents for the aroma and mix them with other essentials like cinnamon and orange to make the perfect mix.

3. Sugar Cookie Ornaments

Via Goodhousekeeping

Have you ever wanted to sneak in a taste of those beautiful Christmas ornaments? Then you’d definitely love these sugar cookie ornaments because they are delicious. Make regular cookies in the shape of the ornaments and decorate them with icing. 

4. Unicorn Ornament

Via Countryliving

Bring this magical creature to your Christmas tree this time in the form of an easy DIY ornament. You will need a glass or plastic ball ornament for this. Then decorate it with paint and glitter, and finally, use colorful sculpting clay to make the ears and horn. 

5. Glitter Unicorn Ornament

Via Hellowonderful

Here are more unicorn ornaments because we can never get enough of them! These pretty unicorns can steal everyone’s attention with their cuteness. The colorful glitter inside the clear balls paired with clay horns and face detailing make these ornaments a must-have this year.

The materials needed are clear ball ornaments, floor cleaner, glitter, craft clay, white and pink felt, stickers for decoration, and markers. 

6. Gumball Machine Ornanents

Via Awwsam

Wanna know how to turn plain plastic ball ornaments into mini gumball machines? You will also need some rainbow candies or pom poms, construction paper, model magic clay, and glue to complete this one. Once done, I am sure these would attract a lot of attention!

7. DIY Ball Jar Ornament

Via Lollyjane

These tea lights inside a mini ball jar are enough to light up the tree. You will need ball canning jars, daisy lid, metallic spray, and battery-powered tea lights to make this masterpiece. Pair it with other rustic Christmas ornaments and you might have the best tree decor in town this year! 

8. Elf Door Ornament

Via Womansday

If you have an old dollhouse, which most of us do, use its door to make an awesome door ornament for Christmas. You can spray-paint the door if you want, and the rest is all about making the wreath with twigs, faux evergreen, and ribbon. It’s super easy and such an exciting craft for winters. 

9. Ice Cream Ornaments

Via Colormadehappy

Yes, it’s winter and you are probably staying away from ice creams, but the Christmas tree is immune, right? Use plastic ball ornaments and cones to make these colorful ice creams and you will surely love the results. Just do the detailing with paint and you will nail it! 

10. Mini Santa Sleigh Ornament

Via Countryliving

Have you ever come across such a cute sleigh made of walnut? Well, now you can make a DIY Santa sleigh ornament to decorate the tree and use walnut shells like never before. You will need a small wooden peg doll for the face, some red felt, and pom-poms to complete this easy ornament. Drill a hole on either end of the walnut shell and use twine to hang it. 

11. Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament

Via Aliceandlois

Make a rustic Christmas ornament with wooden beads and give your tree farmhouse vibes. These pretty snowflake ornaments can be a great winter craft for anyone in the family and they look so attractive too. Pair them with monochromatic twines to hang them and it’s done. 

12. Glass Snowglobe Ornaments

Via Goodhousekeeping

One of my favorites from the lot, these pretty glass snowglobes can add a unique charm to your Christmas tree with no effort. It’s all about filling clear plastic ornaments with festive elements like snow, mini trees, Santa hats, and so much more. Try this out and you will love the results! 

13. Button Christmas Ornament

Via Heyletsmakestuff

Miniature Christmas trees have served as useful ornaments for ages and you can get a little creative while making them. These button Christmas trees have a green styrofoam base which is covered with small and big buttons of different green shades. Complete the look with tiny sewing pins and adorn the tree like never before. 

14. Clothespin Ornament

Via Countryliving

Ditch generic white snowflake ornaments this Christmas and go for colorful and glittery ones made of clothespins. You have to put together 14 clothespins in a circle to make a snowflake and attach a piece of gold twine to complete the DIY. It’s super easy and can be a great winter project for children!

15. Mitten Ornaments

Via Homefortheharvest

These mini mittens are super adorable and they would look fabulous on a Christmas tree. Adorned with a snowflake stitch in the center, the ornaments are made of red felt and finished with classic blanket stitches around the perimeter. Yes, they have looks to die for.

16. Decoupaged Tissue Paper Ornament

Via Countryliving

Only if life were as simple as making this tissue paper ornament! Anyway, I am not here to complain, let’s check out a craft that takes more time to dry than to make. Just take colorful tissues and glue them to a plastic ball ornament, your job is done! Attach a colorful ribbon on top for hanging and leave it to dry, done!

17. Wood Slice State Ornaments

Via Allforthememories

If you have chosen a country-themed Christmas this time, these state ornaments might be the right pick. You will just need circular wood slices—paint one of the sides and paste state decals on them. You can use ribbons or colorful twines to hang them and honor the states in the best way possible. 

18. Velvet Wrapped Ornament

Via Countryliving

We need a whole lot of ornaments to decorate the tree and we usually cannot afford to spend more than 5 minutes on one. This elegant piece of velvet and small pearl craft beads would be done in 2 minutes and you can make as many as you want without worrying about time! 

19. Painted Nut Ornaments

Via Handmadecharlotte

Much like those walnut sleighs, here is another way of including nuts in your Christmas decor. I know it’s surprising, but these tiny ornaments are painted nuts decorated with colorful pens and ribbons. From cute pinecone ornaments to attractive reindeers and Santa, you can make everything with mixed nuts like walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, etc.! 

20. Confetti Ornaments

Via Unusuallylovely

Add some extra glitz and glam to your Christmas tree this time with these confetti ornaments. You will need clear glass ball ornaments, colorful confetti, ribbons or twines, and glue to complete the DIY. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds and you’re welcome! 

21. Vintage Map Ornament

Via Aehomestylelife

If you love to travel, this vintage map ornament would surely amaze you with its rustic charm! It’s made of folded world map cutouts and the outcome is beyond expectations. You can also go for a bit more detailing with color pens and complete the easy DIY. 

22. Itty-Bitty Luggage Ornament

Via Womansday

To stand out, you have to be creative and there is no limitation when it comes to Christmas ornaments, right? To make these tiny suitcases you have to trace an Altoids tin on glitter paper and cover it up. Don’t forget to add handles and detail with ribbons and stickers!

23. Felt Ball Christmas Ornaments

Via Thriftednest

We have seen yarn balls, plastic balls, glass balls, and so much more, all converted into elegant Christmas ornaments. Now, check out this ball ornament that is entirely made of felt. Use faux greenery and red pom-poms for the detailing and you are good to go. 

24. String and Brass Tacks Ornament

Via Goodhousekeeping

I told you, creativity has no limit when it comes to Christmas ornaments! Here are two vivid ideas where you can make a vibrant ornament with brass tacks and another one just by wrapping string around a styrofoam ball. The gold and white colors suit each other really well and look classy too!

25. Scrabble Tiles Ornament

Via Craftsbyamanda

If you are not using that Scrabble board anymore, it is time to use those letter blocks for making some unique Christmas ornaments. You have to make a word or sentence and then glue down the tiles together, and it’s done. Use colorful or plain white ribbons to hang them, anything will do!

26. Glitter Star Ornaments

Via Colormademehappy

Glitter is an important part of the art and craft department and it always lives up to its expectations. Miniature stars are common Christmas tree ornaments but you can bring some awesomeness to these clear ornaments with confetti and bright foil flakes. Finally, attach a colorful ribbon at the top to hang them.

27. Pom-Pom Christmas Character Ornaments

Via Lovelyindeed

We are familiar with those cute Santa face ornaments that are easily available to decorate the tree every year. But now, let’s ditch those and use pom-poms for the face instead. You will need felt for added detailing and you can make tons of Christmas characters following the same steps. 

28. Embroidery Wreath Ornament

Via Swoodsonsays

Beautiful wreaths always have a special spot on our front porch or welcome door during festivals and we can surely use the miniature ones to decorate the tree. This DIY is all about cross-stitching and it would test your sewing skills like nothing else. Complete the design with an attractive miniature lightbulb garland and you will love it! 

29. Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments

Via Goodhousekeeping

Some people love to collect popsicle sticks and why not? They are really helpful in some crafts and here is one idea you can try out. Inspired by Scandinavian straw ornaments, these beauties can be made with popsicle sticks, paint, and embroidery thread, that’s it. I loved those grid patterns at the center of the snowflakes, they’re so unique! 

30. Paper Candle Ornaments

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Adding candle ornaments to the tree would bring an aesthetic and rustic vibe this Christmas! Don’t worry, you don’t have to deal with messy wax. These timeless candles are made of paper and they are totally safe for children.

Buy some colorful baking cups for the base and use textured paper for the flame, they would be done in no time! 

31. Mini Winter Hat Ornaments

Via Leftonpeninsularoad

Not just Christmas characters, you can always incorporate everyday essentials into your Christmas tree in the form of cute ornaments. These white and blue mini winter hat ornaments look super cute and creative. You can use pom-poms for decor and be creative with the yarn to complete the easy DIY. 

32. Sparkling Angel Ornament

Via Womansday

A small tinsel fairy from the magical land can welcome the Christmas vibes into your home. Believe it or not, this cutie is totally made of paper with a doll pinhead and silver craft wire for the halo. Make a dozen of these and your family would love it! 

33. Birdseed Ornament

Via Countryliving

Check out this beautiful bird ornament made of birdseed if you are in the mood for some rustic embellishments. Recycle a bird-shaped metal cookie cutter for the base and cover it with aluminum foil on both sides. Finish the detailing with chopped nuts and birdseed and finally, add twine for hanging. 

34. Home State Ornaments

Via Theamericanpatriette

It’s Christmas and you should give some more attention to the inner patriot in you and make these state ornaments. You will just need craft felt and poly-fill to make these adorable ornaments that flaunt your state pride. Connect the felt pieces with a colorful or textured ribbon and adorn the tree with its beauty. 

35. Gold Hand-Lettered Ornaments

Via Tingandthings

Remember the confetti ornament? Here’s an upgraded version of that and this time we have gold letters! You don’t need great calligraphy skills to replicate this design—an oil-based Sharpie, glass ornament globes, and gold spray paint would do the job. You can also do the detailing with pearls and ribbons. 

36. Celestial Sparkle Ornament

Via Goodhousekeeping

What if I say a dozen toothpicks can make such a wonderful celestial ornament? Hell, yes! This metallic look was achieved with spray paint and glitters and I’m in awe of it. Don’t underestimate the power of toothpicks ever again! 

37. Cinnamon Stick Tree

Via Countryliving

Miniature trees have always been a thing when it is about decorating the mighty tree. Taking it up a notch, here is a tiny tree made of cinnamon sticks. It sounds really interesting and I am sure you will fall in love with the results. A combination of rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and colorful embellishments, this tree would be bliss for your smell sensors as well. 

38. 3D Paper Snowman Ornaments

Via Whitehousecrafts

You can always make origami a part of your Christmas decor with these beautiful 3D papercraft ideas. These paper snowmen are cute and minimalistic, and very easy to make—even children can do it!

39. Christmas Words Ornament

Via Goodhousekeeping

Here’s another unique but simple idea. These ornaments flaunt common Christmas words. You can just stick letters on regular ornaments and bring the oomph. Be as creative as you like, no one is going to judge!

40. Printable Retro Ornaments

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

These ornaments exude chic vibes and are obviously bigger than regular Christmas ornaments. You don’t have to make a dozen of these, two would be enough to light up the tree like nothing else! The main two requirements here are embroidery floss and wooden beads, the rest is all about your creativity and I know you would rock it! 

41. Indigo Marble Ornaments

Via Aliceandlois

Indigo and white marble texture on glass or plastic ball ornaments are sure to make the Christmas tree look completely different. But the marbled texture is pretty unique, right? Enjoy the cool vibe with these icy blue ornaments or go for more vibrant options like red and yellow pieces. 

42. Twine Angels

Via Mycraftchens

Did you know that a bunch of twines can make beautiful angels? Yes, they are here to bless the tree with their rustic beauty and even a novice could make them. Besides twine, you will just need a cardboard piece, transparent cords, and ribbons to complete these. You are free to choose the design!

43. DIY String Star Ornament

Via Eytozee

Another funky version of the classic star ornament, these pretty ornaments are made of strings. You will need saran/cling wraps, cork board, pins, and finally, jute or twine or string for the base. Use a star template to get the perfect shape and you are going to rock it!

44. Easy Photo Ornaments

Via Lovelyetc

We don’t see personalized Christmas tree ornaments every day, do we? These photo ornaments are going to break the stereotypes and you can come up with custom photos for the decor. The photos can be printed on regular copy paper and pasted on circular wooden ornaments perfectly.

45. Gem Icicle Ornaments

Via Madincrafts

Winter and icicles go hand-in-hand and the peak of winter approaches with Christmas. And to celebrate this, you can get craft gems from dollar stores and make these reflecting icicle ornaments. Use a floral wire for the base and hook them at the top to hang them from the tree.

46. Wine Cork Snowman

Via Growingupgabel

If you have saved up wine corks after those drinking sessions, it is time to put them to use. Snowmen are always a part of the Christmas tree decor and all the cuteness is difficult to ignore. Make these pretty and elegant snowmen with wine corks, pom-poms, sketch pens, and spray paint and have a merry Christmas! 

47. Salt Dough Ornaments

Via Thismessisours

You may have bid goodbye to flour and traditional cookies a long time ago. But hold on, here’s an amazing gluten-free salt dough recipe to make the perfect Christmas ornaments. You can design them in any way you like!

48. Party Cactus Ornament

Via Womansday

We don’t see cacti hanging from one of the branches of a Christmas tree every day, do we? Here is an easy DIY cactus ornament that would bring a spark to your tree decorations this time and everyone would love it. You will just need green felt, Poly-fill, pom-poms, and thread to make this dessert baby. 

49. Rolled Paper Ornaments

Via Hertoolbelt

Rush to the craft room right away and get your hands on some colorful craft paper. It is time to put them to use by rolling them up. These rolls would make a beautiful mini Christmas tree that would be the ornament of the year. Make sure you flaunt it with pride! 

50. Christmas List Ornament

Via Honeybearlane

All of us have made a list of things to do or things to buy when Christmas is around the corner. Even children take this very seriously and they’ll make sure to give you a big list of gifts every year. Let’s turn these lists into cute ornaments to decorate the tree this year and make them feel special. You just have to wrap those lists around wooden spools and the DIY is complete. 

51. Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Via Rhythmsofplay

Snowflakes with colorful crystal beads are great to look at and very fun to make too. This is an easy DIY project and each ornament would take less than 5 minutes to complete. Make snowflake forms with wires and put the colorful crystal beads carefully—you can try out as many color combinations as you want!

52. Salt Dough Unicorns

Via Letsdosomethingcrafty

If you are willing to do something crafty and colorful with salt dough, you should try making these beautiful unicorns. They have a small head of salt dough and colorful hair made of vibrant yarn. You don’t need anything extra to hang them, the yarn hair would do the trick. 

53. Dangling Star Ornaments

Via Womansday

Here’s another idea using salt dough—these colorful stars are patiently waiting to be a part of your Christmas decor. Follow the easy recipe to make the dough and use cookie cutters to get the perfect stars. Bake at 350º for 10 minutes and finally, use sequins with glue to complete the DIY. 

54. Balloon Dipped Ornaments

Via Clubcrafted

Balloons are underrated when it comes to DIY crafts, but let’s change that this Christmas. Use the bottom halves of balloons to give a makeover to clear ball ornaments. It looks lovely, doesn’t it? 

55. Watercolor Paper Ornaments

Via Inkstruck

These watercolor Christmas ornaments have no limitation when it comes to using your imagination and creativity—just watercolor paints, watercolor paper, and twine would be enough to complete it. Let your paintbrush and palette make your tree look like a masterpiece this Christmas.

56. Milk Jug Ornaments

Via Knickoftime

Who said it’s difficult to make authentic farmhouse-style Christmas ornaments? You can always hit the dollar store and get some cute jugs like this and convert it into beautiful ornaments with faux greenery. Complete the look by attaching patterned ribbons.

57. Modern Wood Block Ornaments

Via Aliceandlois

Ditch those round or ball ornaments this year and welcome wooden square blocks to adorn the tree. You just have to color the blocks with vibrant hues and attach twines for hanging. It is easy and the craft would be complete in 30 minutes.

58. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Via Womansday

If you’re not in the mood to bake cookie ornaments, here’s a different idea you can try. Recycle some old cookie cutters that you no longer use and attach colorful and patterned paper to one side. Attach a small loop of cord on the back and the beautiful Christmas ornaments are ready to adorn the tree! 

59. Doily Christmas Ornament

Via Domesticallyblissful

Intricate designs will surely add elegance to the Christmas tree, so get your hands on a collection of doilies. To complete the easy DIY, you will need doilies, a mason jar lid ring, and Christmas hooks. Everyone would love the rustic look and vibe, and you will be receiving tons of compliments. 

60. Giant Gumdrop Ornaments

Via Dreamalittlebigger

Glittery gumdrops on a Christmas tree? That sounds so exciting! Well, these gumdrops are made from paper mache eggs and translucent glitter. These ornaments are the perfect way to add a splash of color to the Christmas tree. 

61. Colorful Rhinestone Ornaments

Via Whitehousecrafts

Take those clear plastic ball ornaments and add some pop to them. Just stick some adhesive rhinestones and colorful ribbons to the ornaments and these masterpieces will be ready in a few minutes. How often do we get to use rhinestones to make Christmas ornaments? You will be setting the trend! 

62. Upcycled Crystal Ornaments

Via Michlinla

Don’t be scared, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to buy these containers because they are salt shakers! Who thought upcycling them would look this good?! Use crystal salt or pepper shakers and grab a hanger to hang them. They’ll look super classy and costly, but you know the secret!

63. Holly Cornucopia Ornament

Via Goodhousekeeping

Holly and red berries are widely used in Autumn decor and if you have some left out, it’s time to pack them in classic cornucopias! The cornucopias can be made from brown paper or brown grocery bags with ease. They would act as vessels to carry those berries and add some red to your Christmas tree.

64. Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments

Via Craftsunleashed

We already checked a cinnamon stick tree, and here is a cooler version with cute and colorful buttons. This one also features green pine tree branches—you can go for both faux and real ones. Add some buttons to make it prettier and you’ll have yourself a bunch of cute ornaments that smell amazing! 

65. Santa Ornament

Via Womansday

A simple red ornament can be modified into a beautiful Santa belt buckle in a few steps. Black paint and gold glitter paper are the only two essentials here and the rest is all about creativity. Choose a bigger red ball for this one so that the detailing is evident. One or two of these big ornaments would look amazing on the tree. 

66. Gradient Ornaments

Via Akailochiclife

Who knew mere color spray can transform a clear ball ornament into something this spectacular? Well, it is all about the combination of striking hues that makes it so special and unique. Christmas ornaments are not always about vibrant colors and glitter, right? 

67. Ribbon & Stick Christmas Ornament

Via Allthingsgd

Who knew mere ribbons and sticks could yield something this spectacular? Use green ribbons of two different widths and make those loops with a stick as the trunk. It can be completed in a few minutes, and don’t forget to add a red ribbon on top! 

68. Cactus Christmas Ornament

Via Colormadehappy

These cute cactus ornaments are identical to those ice cream ornaments, and just like them, they are irresistible! Again, it’s up to you how creative you want to be with those clear ball ornaments. Use acrylic paint and acrylic pens for adding detail to each ornament.

69. Gold Marbled Ornaments

Via Lovelyindeed

Here is a golden variant to those blue marbled ornaments and much like the last one, these green and gold mini bombs are very pretty. You will need clear glass ornaments, spray paint, and liquid gilding to complete this easy DIY. I have been a fan of the green and gold combinations, and I’m sure these ornaments would have a lasting effect on you as well! 

70. Knit Ornament

Via Goodhousekeeping

Here’s a way to take your knitting obsession to another level and even the Christmas tree would love it. Take some yarn and wrap it around a plain ball ornament, that’s it! Complete the detailing with some colored rock candy sticks and it would be ready to roll in no time! 

71. Festive Lattice Ornament

Via Goodhousekeeping

Bring some Scandinavian vibes home this Christmas with these beautiful lattice ornaments. You just have to weave high-contrast ribbons in layers inside an embroidery hoop and use double-sided tape on the inside to keep them in place. You can choose any color combination according to your theme. 

72. Burlap Reindeer Ornament

Via Theresourcefulmama

Winter decor hardly includes burlap crafts but you are open to an exception, right? These cute reindeers are made up of a triangle burlap sheet with googly eyes and clothespin antlers. Use a pom-pom as the nose and use twine to hang up these cute animals, it’s so easy!

73. Gift Wrap Ornament

Via Goodhousekeeping

Do you remember those confetti ornaments? Here is a reboot of them but this time you don’t need to buy confetti. Recycle colorful tissue paper or craft paper by shredding them into small pieces and filling up some clear ball ornaments with them.  

74. Scrap Ribbon and Sticks

Via Firefliesandmudpies

If you do a lot of DIY and craft projects, you probably have a lot of ribbons lying around. This Christmas tree ornament can be made just by knotting different ribbons on a stick from your yard. Yes, it’s that easy and it looks quite attractive as well. 

75. Origami Star

Via Itsalwaysautumn

If you own a music book that you do not use anymore, it’s time to recycle those notes and make a stunning origami star! It’ll look pretty unique and rustic, and you can enlist the help of your kids to finish this DIY.

76. Keepsake Christmas Ornament

Via Tikkido

Turn your wedding veil into beautiful lace Christmas tree ornaments! These elegant beauties will keep reminding you of the special day for years to come. They can make the tree look stunning and it would only take a few minutes to complete this DIY, easy peasy! 

77. Music Sheet Ornament

Via Anoregoncottage

Much like those travel maps ornament, this one is made of music sheets that would add some melody to your Christmas tree. Again, this is all about your creativity as you can choose the design and make it attractive in every way. This is no doubt the best way to make a statement without spending a dollar. 

78. Wood Slice Ornaments

Via Inspirethemom

You love your family and what can be a better day than 25th December to express your gratitude towards them? These fun and chic Christmas ornaments are made of pre-drilled wood slices and you are free to put any sign that is close to your heart. Other requirements include acrylic paint, wood beads, jute string, ribbons, and transfer tapes.

79. Football Jersey Ornament

Via Simplekellydesigns

Okay, Football is not a winter sport, but you can always show your love for the game through your winter decor. Make these mini jerseys using cookie cutters and hang them on the Christmas tree. It would be nice to shift to a slightly casual vibe from all glitters and glam, isn’t it? 

80. Twig Christmas Tree Ornaments

Via Stowandtellu

Christmas is right at the door and if you have planned a rustic theme this year, some twigs from the backyard would help you a lot. You can make twig Christmas tree ornaments with a cardboard base and hang them with colorful ribbons.

81. Snowflake Ornament

Via Littleyellowwheelbarrow

Do you want to decorate the tree with pretty white and rustic snowflakes? Here is an easy DIY that would make anyone fall in love with the ornaments. You will need clear glass disc ornaments, satin polyester ribbons, sparkling snow, embroidery lace applique, and glitter crystals. The results will be stunning!

I know you are brimming with ideas and trust me, your creations will look spectacular. Make the most of the family time by crafting together and it would be a Merry Christmas!

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  1. DIY Holiday Ornament Box

    All you need is a plastic bin, red plastic cups, cardboard and a glue gun. Cut cardboard to fit inside the bin, glue on plastic cups, drop ornaments into cups and voila! An inexpensive and clever ornament solution.

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