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51 Small Home Office Ideas That’ll Inspire Productivity

A home office or workstation is a must-have if you are working from home. They keep you away from distractions and the right designs can even enhance productivity.

Do you feel like you aren’t lucky enough to have a spare room for an office? You may be wondering where in your house could you possibly install a home office. Well, we are going to discover some secret spaces and set up a small home office. Don’t freak out, they were always in your house, they just never got enough attention.

How to make the best use of space to create an efficient office space?

Optimizing space is a creative job and you need some extra effort to discover those hidden spaces for your office. There are many innovative ways that could maximize space and increase storage. Here are a few useful tips for the best use of space when you are setting up a home office.

1. Use vertical space

Instead of going for horizontal expansion, use all the vertical space you have. There is no harm in extending the shelf right up to the ceiling.

2. Use flexible furniture

We are talking about small home offices and if you are shopping for some leggy furniture, it’s going to be a disaster. You don’t need big desks or shelves to increase storage, things like foldable desks, or chairs are preferable.

3. Create Storage

As mentioned in the last point, you don’t need visually big furniture to have bigger storage. There are several chic DIY ideas to store office essentials without any hassle.

4. Find inspiration

Your personality should define your office space and what can be better than photographs? You can also go for posters, magazines, and vision boards and adorn your office with inspiration.

5. Add unique elements

For example, green plants keep the air fresh and light up your mood. You can find tons of boho designs that look so beautiful and sets a positive vibe.

6. Create an illusion

If you choose the right design and furniture, you can create an illusion of a bigger space.

Whether you need a dedicated spot for bills or stacks of papers and laptops, we have something for every need. From classic designs with wooden furniture and large bookshelves to boho home office looks decorated with tons of greenery, all of them could inspire your study decor.

51 Small Home Office Ideas That’ll Inspire Productivity

1. Green Home Office

Via Craftberrybush

A statement ladder shelf with a computer desk and complemented by a comfortable chair is just enough for a small home office. Install it in any corner of your bedroom and it would steal attention. By the way, those climbers and indoor plants are my favorites here as they bring a chic vibe to the ensemble. 

2. Sit or Stand Workstation

Via ABeautifulMess

When you can build a functional home office without compromising on the space, we call it a win-win situation. This DIY workstation can give a unique makeover to your home office and it’s all done with recycled objects like basement shelf brackets and spare wood. Also, sitting down all day long is not good for you, so with this desk, you have both standing and seating arrangements. Isn’t it amazing? 

3. Colorful Bedroom Office

Via Thecraftedlife

Modular shelvings are pathways to smart living in limited space and this is a perfect example of it. These are stacked floating shelves with numerous colorful accessories over a small computer desk. The whole setup can bring a cheerful vibe to your bedroom and with all that storage space, what else do we need? 

4. All-white Home Office

Via Architecturaldigest

Right after the color boost, you have an all-white setup with beautiful shelves and cabinets. The functional chair has black soft paddings which would protect your back throughout the day. It’s not a big set up and you can even squeeze it into a small studio apartment. 

5. A Contemporary Storage

Via Digsdigs

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a show winner here! A mini-library and home office have come together giving us a big storage unit in the living room. To optimize space, the shelves are up to the ceilings and the L-shaped design effectively uses a corner.

6. Closet Home Office

Via Cpoppworkshop

Yes, you read that right and it’s totally possible! We are always trying our best to save space and utilize whatever we have smartly. What could be smarter than a home office inside a closet? You can install all those shelves, computer desks, and pair them with a comfy chair to complete the look. 

7. A Dreamy Office

Via Tinycanalcottage

You have successfully created your dream home, let’s think about setting up a workstation that is equally dreamy and serene. Amidst a nice white desk, you have jute baskets for storage, wooden holders, a sleek chair, and my favorite is the statement mirror. We hardly have mirrors in the workstation, and this one is heavily adorned with climbers. It’s just so tranquil! 

8. Home Office in the Living Room

Via Ajennison

Much like every city apartment, it is not always possible to dedicate a separate space for a home office. That should not prevent you from having a functional workstation. Let your small furniture come to your rescue. Avoid that claustrophobic feeling with those leggy units and install a small unit right in the living room. 

9. Secret Home Office


If you are living in an area less than 400 sqft., this idea could be your savior. After you have integrated the functional elements for living like sleeping, dressing, food, etc., you can install this secret office for when you have to work. This secret home office can be hidden with sliding doors, and it is hands down the sneakiest way to incorporate a workstation in a very limited space. 

10. Sunroom turned Home Office

Via Thecowspot

The title is exciting and so is the idea because you can work all day in a sun-kissed environment, feeling every moment! You can transform a long cabinet into a custom workstation with a desk, and room for chairs. Imagine the small office, drenched in sunlight with you are working like a pro with those adjustable desks, I love it! 

11. Statement Home Office

Via Domesticimperfection

Hand-picked colors, textures, furniture, plenty of natural light, and optimizable space- all these are enough to make a compact home office. If you have a spare room, install shelves on both sides of the window. The green color, the big window design, and that whiteboard calendar make it a very contemporary design. They have a unique floating countertop instead of a regular desk which is so cool.

12. White and Woodtone Decor


The decor of your workspace affects your productivity and most of us do not realize this. Here is a good way to bring those cheerful and energetic vibes that would ensure every workday is super-productive. The stylish Woodtone decor can be mixed and matched with white furniture and paint and it’s ready to roll! 

13. Home Office with Grids

Via Architecturaldigest

I know you can spot sassy grids in every corner of this small home office setup and it looks marvelous. The Red and white combination is always intriguing and you have a transparent L-desk which adds to the beauty. The grid chair definitely steals the show, wouldn’t you agree? 

14. Black and White Home Office

Via Homesfeed

I know you are drooling on the chalkboard wall which is no doubt a perfect addition to this classic decor. The black and white walls with shelves and drawers complement each other perfectly. There are also a few indoor plants and sticky photos which bring in a cool vibe. 

15. Closet Office Nook

Via Goldalamode

Another one inside the closet, this design is very cute and it incorporates fun elements like souvenirs, frames, magazines, etc. amidst your office documents and computer desk. The leggy, mid-century desk is stealing attention here and it has enough room underneath to accommodate a relaxing chair. If you like greenery, don’t forget to add in some indoor plants. 

16. A Neoclassical Nook

Via Architecturaldigest

Miles away from contemporary and modern home office design, this neoclassical nook will take you back in time. You have wooden structures throughout with colorful chairs bringing in a perfect contrast. Place the computer desk at the rear end of the room and it’s done!

17. Boho Home Office

Via Pinterest

If you can spare a small corner by a sunny window, here is a boho home office look that would make your day. Statement floating shelves, a storage grid, and layers of indoor plants, everything looks super chic. It’s a boho design, and there are no rules. Make sure the look defines your character and personality. 

18. A Classic Library

Via Architecturaldigest

You can fit a library and a small office in your living room if you customize things and optimize the space. This library cum office is fully functional with an antique slide table, a vintage chair, and cabinets for your belongings. If you use a laptop, this could be a nice computer desk. 

19. A Corner Office


Every home has plenty of unused corners, thanks to their shapes. Here is an efficient way to put one such corner to work with a small home office setup. The L-shaped white marble desk is complemented by blue cabinets. You can complete the look with a leopard print chair and the corner office beside the kitchen is ready. 

20. Heavenly Office Nook

Via Architecturaldigest

We did an all-white look, here is a royal blue setup with everything color coordinated and it looks classy. The walls are light blue and the cabinets are deep blue with a statement sofa in the vicinity. The perfect amalgamation of hues supported by functional and decorative elements makes a heavenly office nook. 

21. Loft Home Office

Via Gessato

You will surely get a treehouse feel with this setup and it saves space to the maximum. You must have high ceilings for this and you can create a loft for your office. Leggy furniture is a big no for such designs. Working with compact and efficient furniture is the key. 

22. Bold and Beautiful

Via Realliving

With a little touch of black here and there, this all-white home office looks heavenly. The wall-mounted work desk is compact and it can fit in any space. You can stay away from clutter with the help of these cabinets and shelves for storage. This simple design can help you focus and stave off the distractions. 

23. White and Brown

Via Anitayokota

Create a beautiful boho office in your living room with this simple and neutral home office design. The setup would fit seamlessly in any background and it is miles away from clutter. You don’t need tons of furniture, a simple table, a chair, and an ottoman would do the job. 

24. Natural Lights

Via Digsdigs

Much like the sunroom, this home office bathes in sunlight every day. if you have a tiny space or mudroom with lots of natural light, it might be the perfect space for your home office. A statement lamp, a comfy chair, and enough storage shelves, what else do you need? 

25. Contemporary Home Office

Via Architecturedigest

If you are looking for a modern approach to your home office setup, here is a contemporary look with statement furniture. Everything is either on the wall or compact and you can fit them on an empty wall. If you need a computer desk, modify the black cabinet a little bit and it’s all done! 

26. Below the Stairs

Via Enthusiasthome

Remember how Harry Potter used to live under the stairs? You can install a compact home office in a corner under the stairs. Minimal furniture, a modern desk for a computer and some special chairs that would make you extra productive and complete the home office. 

27. Simple Home Office

Via Enthusiasthome

If you don’t like anything extra like a splash of colors, this simplistic design would be perfect. The regular shelves were replaced by cute cubbies on both sides and there is a statement desk for the computer and stationary. You are free to choose a chair that suits your needs the most and the compact design can be installed in the smallest zones of your house. 

28. A Green Office

Via Herzundblut

I am fascinated and intrigued by that exotic leafy chandelier and why not? It looks so original and fresh and compliments the background. Make sure you keep wood-stained furniture in the office, and add in some bookshelves and stationary storage to complete the look. 

29. Rustic Home Office

Via Mountainliving

Decorated with distressed swan chairs, the rustic home office décor could be a paradise for artists. You don’t need a mountain view; lush greenery or even a country road is good enough. The long desk with detached cabinets is a unique approach and I am loving every bit of it. 

30. Cheerful Under the Stairs


We did a similar one, but this colorful version is a supreme space saver and you cannot argue with that. With a big collection of photographs on the wall, this home office reflects your personality like nothing else. You have enough space to keep your laptop and be productive throughout the day. 

31. Compact Closet Office

Via Apartmenttherapy

We did see many closet home office designs, but this one is the smallest. It’s completely out-of-sight and you have enough storage for all your office supplies. There is an L-shaped desk for your computer and a revolving chair would also fit in with ease. 

32. Sliding Drawers

Via Domusfurniture

We have talked about how space-saving is important, but so is convenience. If you want to install a home office in a small room, you need compact computer desks and floating shelves. Instead of regular cabinets, switch to sliding drawers for the lower section of the cupboard and you don’t have to struggle for good reach. 

33. Fashionable Home Office

Via Deardesigner

A hanging basket with spider plants and a grid shelf for notes and reminders would surely contribute to a fashionable home office. There is a small desk enough to accommodate your office stationery and you can choose the chair you think works best for you. Add a custom clock and some floating shelves to complete the look. 

34. Exposed Brick Walls

Via Decoist

Statement walls in your home office not only depict your personality but also affect your productivity. With exposed brick walls and a rustic setup, this decorating solution can help you enhance your productivity. You are free to choose the colors and go for a customized chair. 

35. Closet Cutie


We have already seen how a closet office is the best choice when you have limited space and a spare closet. The closet cutie design is minimalist and it has a punchy pink chair amidst a breezy décor. The look is complemented by energetic framed print above the computer and it would steal the show. 

36. An Inspiration Ladder

Via Cherishedbliss

Ladder shelves or desks are very useful when you are trying to sneak in a workstation in your bedroom. This small space office solution is equally efficient and has just the right amount of space for your everyday work. You can also go for foldable chairs for maximum space-saving.

37. A Galore of Frames

Via Girlandtheword

We have seen single pictures hanging on the walls of a home office, but a huge collection of frames is something very unique. You also have statement cactus plants near the work desk. How cool is that? 

38. Niche and Small Desks

Via Onekindesign

Not only nooks and corners but awkward niches can also be equipped with compact furniture to make a home office. Depending on your wall paint, choose the color of the furniture and make sure it is catchy and energetic. You don’t have to fill it with colors for vibrancy, contrasting would do the job pretty well! 

39. Workstation for Two

Via Katrinaleechambers

Your workspace should be something that inspires and motivates you every day and the double design won’t let you down. A long desk with a little cabinet partition and floating shelves throughout the room would be enough to complete the home office. You don’t require tons of space to make a home office for two anymore. 

40. An Odd Areas to Use


This might not be for everyone, but if you have odd corners in your house, this can be a good way to make use of that space. This U-cutting, for example, is perfect if you want to set up a home office with compact furniture. Just a desk and a chair would suffice and you already have the wall of shelves. 

41. Corner Deck Office

Via Decoist

Utilize super-awkward corners in the best way possible with this minimalist home office design and you will thank me later. It is well-equipped, has a functional desk and ample space for chairs that won’t make you feel lazy. 

42. A Game Room 

Via Pinterest

Yeah, it can be a regular office in the blink of an eye and back to the games room with little modification. It has got brackets to hold the desktop or the gaming console, it has enough leg space to move around and you have floating shelves for storage. 

43. Tiny but Perfect

Via Chrislovesjulia

This is probably the smallest ladder storage you’ll see, but it is way ahead in functionality. With two storage shelves and a computer desk, it has ample legroom and you don’t have to struggle for reach. Decorate it with indoor plants and pictures and your tiny home office is ready! 

44. Incognito Workspace


The secret workstation was very impressive and here we have an incognito version that can be neatly tucked in when not in use. Transform a tall cabinet or a built-in bookshelf in your living room to a fold-down, custom home office. It is perfect to handle small tasks and you can always sit through the day and work with ease. 

45. Built-in Home Office

Via Homedesignlover

Sliding doors, tons of storage, and the secret home office is a fresh design that brings in a modern vibe. So, if you have a large built-in storage space in your apartment, it is time to build a home office behind those doors. Just a little bit of modification, and you are good to go! 

46. A Temporary Workstation


An ideal choice if you are setting up a temporary home office, this design has been squeezed into your kitchen area. The best part is its proximity to the breakfast table and you know how important and effective that could be. You don’t have to skip breakfast while working anymore! 

47. An Inspiration Door

Via Feedinspiration

We can work with closets, so why not a large built-in closet? This compact home office design has a fascinating floating desk that is being used as a computer desk and office storage. Decorate it with bright lights, choose a beautiful chair and you can also use those bifold closet doors for extra storage. 

48. A Tiny Home Office

Via Remodelista

We are squeezing it below the stairs, it has to be tiny! Don’t worry, it would still do the job pretty well and make your workdays super productive. This one also has a sliding door which would hide the setup when not in use. Another sneaky way to install a home office in your house! 

49. Formal Office Nook

Via Homemadebycarmona

This doesn’t look like a closet interior, but it is again a closet office. The navy blue walls are so attractive that you can overlook the closet space. There are several floating shelves for storage and my favorite part here is the statement lamp which makes a dreamy pair with the décor.

50. Tiny Workstation in Bedroom

Via Digsdigs

Well, not only in the bedroom, you can implement this design in any room! It’s tiny with compact furniture and nothing extra. You have floating shelves, a small desk, and a comfortable chair to sit in through the day. The home office is decorated with custom lamps and I am loving it!

51. Coolest Home Office

Via Target

Rethink your home office look this year and switch to modernist homewares that would enhance your productivity. From leggy mid-century desks to cute ottomans and brass lighting, this design screams class. The floating shelves have been replaced by a ladder shelf and the outcome is beyond perfection. 

Your home office should be a reflection of your personality and hence, we have included something for everyone. I know you are very excited to try your favorite home office design and trust me, I am too. Get to work right away!

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