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51 Genius Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

Distressed by a messy kitchen but unable to do anything because you are on a stiff budget? When stuck in such a scenario, thrift is the way out!  

Kitchens are the most difficult places to keep in order. After all, how do you expect a place to look like when hands are searching for things all the time, be it chips cookies, or snacks?

Sure fancy hardware is appealing, but, there is always an inexpensive way to get your kitchen organized. When searching for solutions without being a spendthrift, dollar stores are the best stops! All that you desire will be available here in just a few dollars.

Have a look at these ingenious ideas exclusively using Dollar Store products for a smooth and functional kitchen.

51 Cheap Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Canned Food Organization

Via Myuncommonsliceofsuburbia

Having a bad canned-food day probably because they’re all over the shelves and the one you need is missing? 

If yes, then now’s the time to change the way you store them by placing some wire baskets and labeling each according to the food they hold. Now they’ll stay in their place!

2. Binned Pantry

Via Athomewithnikki

De-mess your pantry by grouping similar items together and placing loose and small stuff in baskets and bins—all available for a couple of dollars at the Dollar store. Label each bin and canister to make it easy to find things in there.

3. Lazy Susan In The Refrigerator

Via Acaserella

Place turntables or Lazy Susans in the refrigerators to hold all those jars and cups that tend to get lost. This hack significantly minimizes the time you spend kneeling in front of your fridge searching for your jams and condiments.

4. Sponge Holders

Via Drivenbydecor

Do your countertops get all wet and messy because of your sponges? Happens to me too! 

The easiest way to avoid this is to install this wire-meshed sponge holder using suction cups in your kitchen sink and let all the water drip into the drains.

5. Plastic Risers For Spices

Via Thesocialhome

Give a chic look to your spice racks by using similar-looking containers for all your spices. And get a pretty plastic riser from the Dollar store.

Add labels to each bottle and you’ll have a new and well-organized spice rack.

6. Giftwrapped Pantry

Via Inmyownstyle

Bored by how bland and ordinary your pantry looks? Let’s renovate it without any drills and hammers! Seems impossible? It isn’t.

Just line your pantry walls with a wallpaper of your choice and you have an all-new pantry! Make sure to get your hands on some baskets too so that you can stock similar items together.

7. Deep Freezer Organization 

Via Practicallyfunctional

Organize all your cold storage food with these super cheap baskets and bins from the Dollar Store.

Just look for the right-sized baskets and then all you’re left with is placing all the stuff from your deep freezer in them. Now place these bins according to the frequency of their usage. 

8. Towel Rails For Pots

Via Goodhousekeeping

Don’t want to mess up the cabinet interiors with a lot of pans and pots? Hang them outside instead! Install a towel rail on the side of your cabinet and hang them with the help of S hooks.

9. Magnetic Spice Rack

Via Acultivatednest

Reinvent the way of placing your spices by trying out this magnetic door mounted spice rack. 

All you need is a cookie sheet, some command strips, and magnetic containers from the Dollar Store. And don’t forget to label the spices.

10. Conversion In-Cabinet

Via Infarrantlycreative

Make your own measurement conversion chart instead of hitting the internet every time a recipe book confuses you with an ounce to tablespoon conversion.

Redo your cabinet interiors by installing hooks mounted on a plywood strip for your measuring cups and spoons and a measurement conversion table stuck right above it.  

11. Clips To Hold Snacks

Via Fennelseeds

Keep all your open snack packets secured using command hooks and clips. Fold the bag tops to eliminate all the air out of the packets and clip them up. Now your pantry shelves won’t be a mess anymore.

12. Mesh Bags For Storage

Via LilHolster|Twitter

Use mesh laundry bags to store more than just dirty laundry. These bags are the best when it comes to storing things that need to be stored in a cool and dry place, like onions, garlic, and potatoes.

Instead of just sticking them in the pantry, hang them using these mesh bags.

13. Cupcake Liners In a Jar

Via Tablefortwo

Keep cupcake liners in place and save them from crumbling up by keeping them aligned one over the other in a mason jar. These colorful liners in a transparent jar will also make awesome decor pieces for your shelves.

14. Shoe Organizer For Small Goodies

Source Unknown

Keep all your candies and mini snacks in one place by putting up a shoe organizer on your pantry door. This hack will let you find the candy of your choice easily and you won’t have to rummage around hungrily!

15. Cookie-Sheet Day Organizer

Via Thecrazycraftlady

Put-up your daily menus and note down your appointments in one place near your counter-tops with this super easy-to-make cookie-sheet day organizer.

Just pull out a cookie sheet, some contact paper, and command stripes. Now add all those reminders where everyone can see them.

16. Hanging Pantry Organization

Via AshleyPoskin|Apartmenttherapy

Give a hanging solution to your messed up pantry by hanging these wired baskets on your pantry walls using command hooks and baskets.

This is one of the best ways to keep items from scattering all over the racks and shelves.

17. Paper Towel Placement

Via Sewmanyways

Attach a paper towel roll holder on the inside of your cabinet doors using command hooks and a piece of ribbon. This is a much easier and cleaner way to hold paper towels than using a metal rail. 

18. DIY Lazy Susan 

Via Alejandra.tv

Did you know that you could make a Lazy Susan spice rack using baking pans and marbles? This is a much easier way to access them. Also, you can use this turntable in your refrigerator to keep all your jars in place.

19. Command Hooks For Lids

Via Thekitchn

Keep your lids from flipping and clanging around by placing them upright with the help of command hooks. Stick command hooks on the cabinet doors at a distance so they can hold the lids properly. Problem solved!

20. Baskets Under The Sink

Via Theorganisedhousewife

Organize the cabinet below the sink with the help of stackable drawers, baskets, hooks, and much more. Use a separate basket for each category of things. Also, install a rod to hang all your soaps and cleaners so that you can make space for other things on the shelves.

21. Racks For Hanging Pots

Via Marthastewart

Hang all your pots and pans overhead with the help of racks preinstalled with hooks. Or repurpose a plywood sheet by adding some hooks and hang it overhead with the help of ropes.

This way, your utensils are easily accessible giving your kitchen a fancy vibe.

22. Tea Drawer Organization

Via Foodbabe

Organize your tea or coffee powder sachets in a drawer with the help of these section-dividers from the Dollar Store. These divisions make it easy to search for the tea flavor you’re craving.

23. Vintage Roller Pins Organization

Via Ourvintagehomelove

Present all your rolling pins in one place with this vintage decor-cum-organizing hack which requires just a rustic wooden sheet and door stops. This wall-mounted organizer not only helps while baking but also adds to the decor of your kitchen.

24. Cutlery Organization

Via Theelmlife

Keep cutlery from cluttering the drawers with the help of these plastic wire baskets that can be found easily at Dollar stores. They cost only a couple of dollars and will keep everything nice and tidy.

25. Magazine Holders For Foils and Food Wraps

Via Thewandmakersmother

Got all the foils and plastic wraps rolling here and there? Keep all your foils and liner rolls in place by installing a magazine holder on the doors of your cabinets. Now, you know where to find the parchment paper when you need to bake your favorite choco-chip cookies.

26. Drawer Makeover

Via Sothecooksaid

Do the distasteful drawer interiors give you chills? If yes, then now’s the time to make them look pretty! You can upgrade your drawers by lining them with bright and patterned wrapping paper in no time! 

27. Grocery Bag Dispenser

Via Drivenbydecor

Keep all your grocery bags tucked in one place by installing this bag dispenser from the Dollar store. This way, you’ll know where to find all your bags and can avoid paying for them at the cash counters every time! 

28. 3-tier Rack For In-Cabinet Organizing

Using this small metal wire rack from the Dollar store is one of the best ways of organizing your bowls and saucers inside the cabinets by giving them all their own personal spaces. You’ll be able to easily access them too.

29. Create A Charging Station

Via Pinterest

Save your electrical devices from water and dirt on the countertops by making a small charging and resting station for them. This can be done by placing a basket near the power sockets so that all your iPhones and iPads are safe from any water or dirt damage.

30. Cabinet Door Caddy

Install a hanging caddy from the Dollar Store on the cabinet doors for placing things like cleaning supplies, ladles, snacks, etc. right where you need them the most. Cut your over-stuffed shelves some slack!

31. Keep Lids In Place

Via Pinterest

Keep all your Tupperware lids in one place by using this simple trick. Just place a metallic grilling tray over a basket and place all your lids inside the pockets formed. No missing lids ever again.

32. Command Cord Organizers

Chords are the worst part of any appliance. Keep them from getting tangled and lying untidily all over the shelves and countertops by installing command cord bundlers at the back of all your appliances. The hooks will hold all the wires close to the appliance and will prevent them from getting tangled.

33. Caddies To Keep All In Place

Via Makebakecelebrate

Keep all your sachets and small pouches in one place by installing these transparent plastic caddies inside your cabinets. This is one of the cheapest ways to declutter your cabinets when on a tight budget.

34. Plastic Boxes For Baking Supplies

Via Marthastewart

Organize all your pretty-looking baking supplies in an even prettier way by placing them in beautiful baskets and plastic containers.

Now, place these all together in a drawer or shelf designated for baking so that you can easily access everything when you go on baking sprees!

35. Use Hook Rails

Via Amellowlife

Keep all your ladles and spoons organized with the help of these metallic hooks mounted on a rail. Drill this rail on the cabinet door or the wall according to your convenience and keep your drawers from getting messed up.

36. Bottle Organizer

Via Drivenbydecor

Keep your bottles from flipping now and then by making a station for them using a magazine holder. Stack these horizontally or vertically, as you like, and save your ears from the unpleasant noise of falling bottles.

37. Use Pegboards For Pots

Via Decoist

Use pegboards to display all your pots and pans, thus saving your precious cabinet space and time searching for them every time. Just paint a pegboard in your favorite shade and mount it on the walls with some hooks. You’re all set!

38. Flexible Sponge Holders

Invest in this sponge holder with flexible and adjustable support with a pocket to hold sponges and cleaning supplies on either of the sides. Place it on the sink ledge and let the water from the wet sponges drip into the sink itself.

39. Fridge Organization With Bins

Via Cleanandscenstible

Keep your refrigerator organized and tidy by keeping all the food leftovers and supplies in baskets and mason jars. You can add labels too. This way, everyone knows where they can find what they need instead of messing everything up.

40. DIY Sauce Stand

Via Imgur

Create a cheap and easy stand to keep all your sauce bottles upright and in one place by repurposing an old egg carton. Just cut off the lid of the carton and place your sauces inverted in it. Easy peasy!

41. Do It With A Caddy

Via Abeautifulmess

Keep all your essentials like oil, salt, pepper in one place on the countertop using a caddy. Use can use wooden holders for spatulas and ladles. Also, make sure to coordinate the caddy with the theme of your kitchen.

42. Divide The Drawers

Divide your drawers into sections by installing multiple plywood sheets to keep all your baking trays and cookie molds in place. This hack prevents all these tins from flipping and will keep the drawer tidy.

43. Mason Jar Spatula Holders

Via Popsugar

Repurpose mason jars to hold more than jams and berries. Paint them in colors of your choice and use them as a stand to keep tongs, ladles, and spatulas, giving your kitchen a snazzy look.

44. Dowel Stand For Plates

Via Pmqfortwo

Keep your plates and lids in place by using wood scraps fitted with dowels. The dowels divide the rack into multiple parts and keep the plates in place thereby eliminating the need to stack them one over the other.

45. Upside Down Lazy Susan

Via Onecrazyhouse

Turn a Lazy Susan upside down and install hooks on it. This repurposed device can now be used to hang stuff like ladles, whisks, mugs, etc.

Lazy Susans are a real boon to mankind, aren’t they?

46. Cups In Cabinets

Via Penelopeoasis

Hang your cups inside the cabinets by installing hooks on the shelf tops. This is one of the best ways to hide your cups if you’re not too willing to display them.

47. Hang Cups Instead Of Curtains 

Via Hometalk

Here’s another cup organization hack for you. Hang them up by installing a curtain rod with the help of metallic-finish command hooks. You can hang anything you want here (including your little plants!) with the help of S-Shaped hooks from this rod.

48. Tension Rods As Shelf Dividers

Via Marthastewart

Use tension rods in your cabinets to divide them into compartments for organizing your cutting boards and baking trays to keep them from flipping and needing to stack them one over the other.

49. Let The Refrigerator Hold It

Let your refrigerator hold certain essentials for you by installing a hanging multi-tiered rack on its side. This way, you can get all you need right in front without using up cabinet or shelf space.

Buy the rack on Amazon.

50. Cutting Board Storage

Via Thatswhatchesaid

Most of us use our cutting boards every day and can’t live without them. But they are so bulky that they take up a lot of cabinet space and can get on our nerves pretty easily.

To solve this problem, get a wire organizer and some zip ties and install this on the inside of your cabinet door. You can also store baking sheets and trays over here.

51. Pots and Pans Storage

Via Seededatthetable

Install plywood panels in your kitchen drawers to store your pans in a neat and organized manner. You’ll have more storage space this way and you’ll be able to access your cookware easily too.

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