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51 Dollar Store At Home Valentine’s Day Decorations

51 Dollar Store At Home Valentine’s Day Decorations

Every year on the 14th of February, people across the globe exchange gifts and warm wishes with their loved ones. This is the one day where you express all the love and appreciation you have for them through heartwarming gestures.

One of the best and romantic gestures is making and doing decorations that showers love all over. With this task comes the great confusion of selecting mesmerizing decorations. We surely want to surprise our special ones but what about the confusion? Well, that’s what we’re here for!

Go ahead and check out these amazing Valentine’s Day decoration ideas that will surely add the right sparkle to a very special day!

51 Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Decorations

1. Gift Bags Turned To Frames

Via Savedbylovecreations

This is an adorable DIY using cute Valentine’s Day gift shopping bags! Grab those old frames lying around and get creative with them. The tutorial is super easy and adds a warm touch of love to your decoration.

2. Heart Tree

Heart tree
Via Moneyfitmoms

This is one of the cheapest and easiest DIY craft ever! Pick a few branches from your backyard and get started with this DIY. You’ll need some cute little white and pink hearts from Dollar Tree—glue them onto the branches. That’s it!

3. Tissue Paper Banner

Valentine's day banner
Via Shiftingroots

Who would’ve thought that a banner made of tissue paper would look this cute? All you need for this cheap but beautiful decoration are tissues of red, pink, and white hues, a piece of ribbon, and some glitter sticker hearts. You can get all the supplies for this one from the Dollar Store in under $7!

4. Heart Berry Wreath

Heart berry wreath
Via Thatswhatchesaid

Nothing says V-day like red berries! This DIY uses dollar store supplies—a heart wreath form, red and white floral picks, and other easily available items—to yield this beautiful wreath! So go get your hands on these items and make this super easy decoration.

5. Cupcake Lights

Cupcake lights
Via Lifewitherika

Don’t these lights look so soothing? They are inexpensive too and surely won’t exceed your budget! On this day of love, lighten and warm the atmosphere with these sweet and adorable lights. All you need are some cupcake liners and a strand of white twinkle lights.

6. Sweetheart Mobile

Valentine sweetheart mobile
Via Madeinaday

This is a cute DIY made from cheap but amazing supplies from the dollar store. What’s Valentine’s Day without red shimmery hearts? Add a little oomph to your Valentine decor with this easy craft and make your day special.

7. Valentine Cardboard Wreath

Valentine cardboard wreath
Via Brownsugartoast

The more the sparkly hearts, the more the love! This DIY wreath made from dollar tree supplies will match the day’s mood perfectly. Your significant other is going to love seeing a favorite picture of the two of you surrounded by glittery hearts!

8. Wine Glass Centerpiece

Wine glass centerpiece
Via Arenaissancewoman

This elegant centerpiece will surely make your V-Day more romantic. In the dim light of these candles, sip your favorite wine along with your beloved and sway to some slow music. All you need for this centerpiece are some red candles, red roses, and of course, wine glasses.

9. Yarn And Cardboard Hearts

Yarn wrapped cardboard hearts
Via Craftymorning

Yarn wrapped cardboard hearts is a really cute idea! Make these mini hearts and use them as a garland or just as pieces of decoration. It’s super easy to make these as all you need is cardboard, red yarn, and other materials lying around the house. Make your V-day special with these handmade decorations.

10. Bath Puff Heart Wreath

Bath puff heart wreath
Via Serendipityrefined

Here’s another wreath decoration because we can’t get enough of them. Make this beautiful wreath with the help of this funny yet helpful tutorial! All you need are some items like a wreath form, bath puffs, pink hearts, mica flakes, and such. Wreaths add so much fun to any occasion!

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11. Glittery Heart Block

Glittery heart block
Via Mineforthemaking

You can make this piece of decoration in under half an hour! The woody texture will give off a rustic feel and the hearts and pink glitter will make your V-day more romantic. Keep it as a display in your house or gift it to someone special.

12. Candy Heart Valentine Vase

Candy heart vase
Via Smartschoolhouse

This is a perfect DIY for the coming Valentine’s Day. Make a sweet candy heart vase using conversation hearts, roses, and vases, and use this either as a decoration or gift it to your beloved. After all, everyone loves roses!

13. Key To My Heart

Key to my heart Valentine's art
Via Shakentogetherlife

V-Day is a perfect occasion to show the lovey-dovey and cheesy side of you! Through this pretty and unique ‘key to my heart’ frame, express all the love you have for your beloved. It’s very easy to make too and the materials are readily available!

14. Doily Turned Into An Envelope

Valentine doily envelopes
Via Fancyfrugallife

The era of exchanging love letters might have faded away but bring it back this V-day with the help of doilies. Express your feelings towards your family, friends, and your beloved through letters put in these pretty red and white envelopes. You can also hang them as a garland and let everyone pick theirs!

15. Valentine’s Day Puzzle

Personalized Valentine's Puzzle
Via Littlehouseoffour

Personalized gifts are just the best. Period. Make this Valentine’s celebration interesting by creating a DIY puzzle for your significant other—it’ll surely be a pleasure to solve it with your loved one. Once all the puzzle pieces have been arranged, put it into a frame and place it on the mantel so that you can cherish the photo forever.

16. Sweet Centerpiece

Sweet Centerpiece
Via Ohlouisedesigns

Fill your mason jars with cute little supplies from the dollar tree. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for using red hots and soft little hearts as decoration. Also, attach some hearts to sticks and put them in the jars and you’re good to go 🙂

17. Heart Garlands

Heart garlands
Via Missbizibee

Make these 3-D heart garlands to spread love everywhere! These mini red and pink hearts attached to fishing lines will add a lovely touch to the decor. Make your significant other feel the power of your love by hanging these garlands all around the house.

18. Felt Heart Valentine Trees

Felt heart trees
Via Lollyjane

Looking for cute decor pieces to decorate your house on V-day? Make these trees using cones and sheets of felt and top them off with velvet hearts. This craft will not take up much of your time and will surely provide you with great results.

19. Valentine’s Wall Art

Valentine clothesline art
Via Artsyfartsymama

This DIY is effortless but adorable. Pick a few favorite pictures from your album and pin it to the clothespins. Hang this on the wall and your partner will definitely melt because of this sweet gesture!

20. Valentine’s Day Mantel Decoration

Mantel decoration
Via Thekimsixfix

If you’re looking for something subtle yet romantic, this is it—a super easy DIY decoration for Valentine’s Day. A lot of things used here will be found around the house and at the dollar store, so you won’t exceed your budget. Your loved one’s surely going to love this 🙂

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21. Valentine’s Night Game

Date night game
Via Mycreativedays

These stones are perfect if you want to stay in on V-day with your loved one and have a great conversation. Play this game after dinner and reminisce about the memories you created with each other ages ago. This is indeed a great way to boost the romantic atmosphere.

22. Conversation Heart Holder

Conversation heart holder
Via Simplydarrling

Get your hands on a fillable glass box, conversation hearts, and some other easily available materials. Add some color apart from red to your V-day and spread some cheer. The directions to make this are pretty straightforward and you’ll have this pretty thing in no time.

23. Heart Sucker Flowers

Heart sucker flower valentine
Via Thekeeperofthecheerios

Turn simple treats into an adorable Valentine’s Day arrangement. This DIY project is easy to make and requires very few supplies. Grab your favorite lollipops and make these heart sucker flowers for your loved one on this special day.

24. Clipboard Makeover

Decorative frames
Via Craftsbycourtney

Turn clipboards into decorative frames! Add some printables and paint the clipboards with any color that will match your decor. You can get all the supplies from the dollar store and make these in no time.

25. Snowball Love Wreath

Snowball wreath
Via Redheadcandecorate

Wreaths are just so enticing! Especially this fragile snowball wreath—it looks super adorable and will spread the warm love all around. The ‘LOVE’ sign is the focal point that accentuates the importance of the day!

26. Glitter And Confetti Jars

Glitter and confetti Valentine jars
Via Sewlicioushomedecor

Looking for fun and easy ways to make your house sparkle this V-day? Get your hands on some jars, confetti, and glitter—they will make for a gorgeous decoration on this special day. Use ribbons of your choice and tie it around the jars. You can add some sweet messages too!

27. Valentine’s Day Tree

Valentine's day tree
Via Redheadcandecorate

Who said that you can decorate trees only for Chrsitmas? This V-day, grab all the goodies from the dollar store and unleash your creative side. Apart from decorations, this tree will be loaded with love and joy, and will look perfect in your living room.

28. Gift Tags Banner

Gift tag banner
Via Exquisitelyunremarkable

Make this banner from cardstock gift tags—it’s sweet and super easy to make too! Print, craft, or buy the messages you’d like to express on this day. All you have to do is attach these messages to this banner and you’re all set for V-day!

29. Cupcake Stand

DIY cupcake stand
Via Anallievent

You’re definitely going to serve cupcakes on the Day of Love, right? How about making cute red Valentine cupcake stands to serve them on? Get your hands on some plates, candle holders, red spray paint, and some other easily available materials and you’re good to go.

30. Repurposed Valentine’s Day Decoration

Valentine's day decorations
Via Theseasonalhome

Repurpose your craft items and old Valentine’s day decorations to make your house look gorgeous for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Don’t the conversation heart topiaries and cupid twin door decoration simply look amazing? If you need any extra items like soothing spray paints, you can head over to the dollar store and get them at cheap rates.

31. Heart Decoration From Tissues

Heart decoration
Via Handmadegrace

This heart-shaped decoration is so beautiful! Those tissue puffs are fairly easy to make and look like real flowers. This DIY is made from very simple supplies from a dollar tree store. Make sure to grab the colors of love to make this beautiful heart!

32. Valentine’s Day Banner

Gift bag banner
Via Crazycraftlady

This DIY garland/banner can be put together in mere minutes and looks so special. This is made from valentine gift bags available at the dollar store. Of course, creativity has no bounds and this DIY is here to prove that! Make this day of love memorable by putting up this banner above your mantel.

33. Chic Yet Sweet Decor

Valentine decorations
Via Sweetmelanie

This V-day, go all out and decorate the whole room with pink and white lace and paper decorations. The room is going to look elegant and your partner is going to love it. If you want to tone it down, just try out one or two of the decorations mentioned in this blog. All the supplies you need will be available at the dollar store.

34. Pipe Cleaner Hearts

Pipe cleaner hearts
Via Tellloveandparty

On Valentine’s Day, the more the hearts, the better! Use metallic pipe cleaners to make these hearts. Decorate gifts with these or make a garland out of them—either way, they’ll look lovely. Add sparkle to these pipes and dazzle your significant other 🙂

35. Ribbon Tape For Decoration

Ribbon tape decoration
Via Alyssaandcarla

Ribbon tape might seem simple, but it can elevate the look of any item. Embellish a picture frame with it, decorate a jar, add texture to a gift bag, or simply wrap it around candles. It can instantly make anything look gorgeous. So go and get your hands on some V-day themed ribbon tape!

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36. Glittery Candles

Valentine's Day candles
Via Markmontano

Make these glittery pink and red candles to illuminate your love this Valentine’s Day. The color combination is perfect for this day and if you’re having a date in the comfort of your own home, decorate the table with these candles to achieve a fancy feel. Your night’s only going to get more special with these glittery candles.

37. Tumble Game

Valentine's Tumble game
Via Triedandtrueblog

For a memorable V-day, get the “Tumble Tower Game” from the dollar store and customize the blocks by writing cute notes on them. The markers and pens you’ll need for this will all be available at the dollar store. Add some red hearts too, for extra cuteness.

Make this Valentine’s Day fun by playing this super fun game! Make sure that you insert some tricky tasks to jazz up the fun!

38. Fingerprint Art

Fingerprint art
Via Manmadediy

Want to make V-Day unique? Tired of seeing hearts everywhere? Make this unique fingerprint art with the help of this easy tutorial. Don’t forget to grab your favorite frame at the nearest dollar store. Your partner is going to LOVE this unique idea.

39. Conversation Hearts

Conversation heart decoration
Via Abirdandabean

You’re sure to please your loved one on this Valentine’s by making these conversation hearts. All you need are some wooden hearts, fun ribbon, paints, and materials easily available at the dollar store. Write something sweet and simple on each of the hearts to show your love.

40. Embroidery Hoops

Valentine's day embroidery hoops
Via Theidearoom

Looking for some cute and simple V-Day decor? This is it! Get the materials from your nearest dollar tree store and get started on this fun activity. Add in some felt flowers along with the hearts to make the decoration look even prettier.

41. Love Blocks

Love blocks
Via Craftaholicsanonymous

Who doesn’t love easy and cheap crafts? I’m pretty sure that we all do! This DIY is simple and engaging. Amp up the cuteness factor by adding sparkles, lace, and ribbons but they are not necessary as these love blocks can stand on their own.

42. Chalkboard Printables

Chalkboard printables
Via Thediyvillage

These chalkboard printables are all you need this Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for simple decorations. Use dollar store supplies such as ribbons and frames to decorate the printables a little. This idea is super easy and super cheesy too! Make sure you add a lot of cute messages for your loved one.

43. Kissed Balloons

Kissed balloons
Via Balloontime

Go grab a pack of transparent balloons from your nearest dollar store. Next? Smother them with your smooches! Ain’t that interesting? And if you don’t want to spend time kissing the balloons, buy kiss stickers from the store and stick them on these balloons.

44. Canvas Heart Art

Canvas Heart Art
Via Designimprovised

This project is all about sticking various things like doilies, tissues, glitter, and pom-poms, and others onto canvases. Sounds easy, right? Get all of these from the nearest dollar store and stick them on the canvases after drawing heart templates—all the hearts must be of the same size. It’s going to look gorgeous and irresistible.

45. Rolled Book Page Heart Art

Rolled book page heart art
Via Twelveonmain

As kids, we rolled papers onto pencils and made our own crafts. Reminisce those days by grabbing an old book and indulging in this craft. This indeed is a great idea to get creative with things you’ll mostly have in hand but make sure you decorate this art piece with ribbons and glitter from the dollar store.

46. Pompom Wreath

Pom pom wreath
Via Craftingafamily

There’s something about pom-poms that make them appealing to craft-lovers. This Valentine’s Day, get some red and white pom-poms and wreath forms of different shapes to make cute pom-pom wreaths. You can get your kids to lend a hand too—this is a fun activity that will keep everyone engaged.

47. Pink Centrepiece

Vase of hearts
Via Createandbabble

Here’s another gorgeous centerpiece idea for Valentine’s Day! If you’re tired of a flower vase, make this unique vase of hearts. Use decorations in pink shades and a bit glitter. Attach the sparkly hearts to the sticks and put them in the bottle vase (don’t forget to decorate the bottle too). Pretty easy, right?

48. Love Notes

Valentine's day cards
Via Refreshrestyle

Need something super personal to give your partner this Valentine’s Day? Grab these notes from the dollar store and get started! It’s super simple to make too (’cause all you have to do is write on them!) Stick these in different parts of the house and watch your loved one’s smile grow bigger as they read each note.

You call also gather all the notes and make a garland out of them.

49. Crepe Topiary

Crepe topiary
Via Purplehuesandme

Topiaries make any place look appealing. With this Valentine’s themed topiary, rock your V-Day! Most of the supplies used here are easily available at the dollar store. Remember to be gentle with this craft as it requires sheer love and patience.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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