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51 DIY Rustic Easter Decorations

Spring is in full bloom with rising temperatures and colorful flowers all around. As Easter approaches, it’s the perfect time to move from spring cleaning to creating inspiring seasonal decor. If you experimented with a wild or vibrant theme last year, why not embrace a timeless and original theme this time with rustic Easter decorations? You don’t need to live in a farmhouse to capture that cozy vibe. Even a city apartment can feel like a charming countryside retreat with the addition of rustic wreaths, bunnies, and vases this Easter.

These fantastic DIY projects are budget-friendly, and many allow for repurposing and recycling decor pieces. From burlap wreaths and embroidered eggs to rustic table settings and enchanting moss centerpieces, we’ve included a variety of ideas. Dive into our collection of 51 DIY Rustic Easter Decorations and get ready to celebrate the season in style!

51 DIY Rustic Easter Decorations

1. White Basket and Eggs

A pretty white basket, colorful spring flowers, and some Easter eggs with polka dots, that’s all it takes to establish that rustic vibe. Choose a woven basket, paint it, and use an embroidered handkerchief for the eggs to lie on.

You can use this setup as a centerpiece or keep it on the front porch for a heavenly welcome. 

2. Repurposed Easter Cross

Via Prodigalpieces

Easter has extreme religious significance as we celebrate the rising of the Almighty and your Easter decor must have a traditional touch. This beautiful cross is made from repurposed wood and is set amidst a green base.

This symbol of God marks his victory over death and this rustic piece could be an amazing decor element for the mantle. 

3. Easter Species Art

Via Firstladyofthehouse

Whether you are a fan of species art or not, this framed artwork with layered Easter eggs will blow your mind. Pair it with other Easter ornaments and put the setup on display. It looks so chic and I am sure your guests will love it!

4. Rustic Bunny Lantern

Via Myhumblehomeandgarden

Easter decorations aren’t restricted to the indoors and you know what, the real fun lies outside! This lantern has a moss bunny inside with a big white bow, resting under a dried branch with a bird’s nest. Place it anywhere on your front porch.

You can also add fairy lights inside the chamber and make it glow at night.

5. Classic Blue Easter Eggs

Blue gives off a feeling of serenity and so does Easter—when it arrives, you don’t get that electrifying vibe but a serene, traditional feel sets in.

The royal blue eggs amidst a nest will depict your emotions to the fullest. All you need are eggs, paint, cotton branches, and some Easter ornaments to make this quick DIY. 

6. Beautiful Napkin Rings

Via Uncommondesignsonline

This DIY is a little sophisticated, so this project requires your full attention as you will be working with miniature Easter decorations.

Buy miniature plastic bird’s eggs, bird’s nest, faux fern stem, metallic paint with a foam brush, and unfinished napkins. Surprise your guests with these unique napkin rings for Easter brunch and earn some compliments! 

7. Stylish Easter Bunnies

This scene looks like three bunnies are chilling in a lavender bush and it looks majestic!

Get this bunny set from any dollar store, choose an Earthen container, and place colorful Easter eggs in it. Complete the decor by placing lavender branches throughout the setup and make it a part of your Easter tablescape. 

8. Easter Owl Egg

Via Onecrafdiy

You wanted something rustic and here we have a unique spring table setting with an “owl” egg!

An “owl” egg, a black ribbon, and some moss in the surroundings—aren’t they enough to take you back to the 1900s? You can make this setting on the top of a menu card for Easter brunch or just combine it with initials or place cards. 

9. Rustic Table Setting

I have never imagined something this unique could be made by simply tying napkins to white Easter eggs. Use burlap or lace ribbons to tie up the napkins and pair them with fresh flowers to complete this cute and rustic table setting. 

10. Bird Nest Centerpiece

Via Dukemanorfarm

This floral centerpiece looks heavenly, doesn’t it? It has cute eggs embedded inside those fresh flowers and greens. Add in a moss bird beside the eggs and a bunny to set that Easter vibe. The twine nest adds to the rustic appeal.

11. Moss Bunny Canvas

Via Domesticallycreative

No rustic decor cannot be complete without burlap ribbons and wooden structures, and here we have a beautiful bunny with burlap surrounding.

You would need a small burlap canvas, a foam bunny silhouette, and faux moss for this DIY. Make it extra special with colored eggs, after all, it’s Easter! 

12. Brown and White Easter Decor

Via Sortrature

We are quite accustomed to colorful eggs when it comes to Easter. Let’s work with white and off-white eggs with blackbirds this time. Nothing screams rustic like this majestic combination of brown and white, and those secluded branches in the white jar add to it. 

13. Stick Basket with Flowers

Via Build-Basic

If you are looking for an inexpensive DIY basket for your Easter decor this year, you are in the right place.

You would just need wooden sticks and a dowel to complete this piece and it would be done in 15 minutes, I am not kidding! Choose some colorful flowers to bring in those spring vibes and place some Easter eggs in the basket if you wish to.

14. Lilac Flowers and Eggs

Amidst a plethora of beautiful Easter egg decors, here’s something that stole my attention. The pink eggshells filled with lilac flowers have got what it takes to be the showstopper. You can hang them from branches or just use them in a centerpiece.

15. Rustic Place Holder

Via Lizmarieblog

For this decor piece, you’ll require galvanized buckets, miniature nests with eggs, embroidered napkins, and wooden, circular bases for the placeholders. Add in a moss table runner to complete the look. Everything will look perfect and rustic.

16. Decorative Easter Wreath

A majestic feather wreath with lavenders and golden eggs can transform any door and make it super-attractive.

You would need a grapevine wreath for this one. Paste real feathers on it, and fix some lavender branches to add some color. Finally, prepare colorful eggs with golden embellishments and your wreath is ready. 

17. Spring Galvanized Centerpiece

Via Priscillas2000

Here’s a tiered tray centerpiece for the gala Easter brunch using galvanized vases or buckets—they are always preferred when you are working on a rustic theme.

This decor piece is a whole package with tulips at the top, eggs on every tier, birds, rabbits, bunnies, and greens. Instead of regular vases, use chalk-painted mason jars for the tulips.

18. Chocolate Easter Eggs

Incorporate a tasty treat in your Easter decor this year with these over-the-top chocolate eggs. Make the halves of eggs using molten chocolate and a mold. Fill one half with chocolates and candies and then fix the other half of the chocolate egg over it. 

Crush the eggs when they are ready to be eaten!

19. Rustic Spring Cloches

Via Mariaelenasdecor

We are exploring rustic Easter decor DIYs here and this one ticks all the boxes. It has a beautiful rabbit, a green and brown nest as the base, and a cloche or fishbowl to complete the unique look.

The best part is that all the required items are readily available at the dollar tree and you don’t have to spend a fortune for a classic centerpiece this year. 

20. Spring Basket Wreath

Via Yourcozyhome

Ditch grapevine or foam wreaths this time and go with jute baskets. You would need moss, a miniature bird’s nest, colorful eggs, and attractive flowers for this DIY wreath. You can also put a small bird on the basket and hang it on the front door. 

21. Easter Feather Eggs

Via Frugalmomeh

What is Easter without creative and colorful eggs? These eggs have feather prints and are very different from the regular, mainstream Easter eggs.

Buy faux eggs and feathers from the dollar store, and paste the feathers on the eggs with modge podge. Simple and rustic!

22. The Mossy Tablescape

Via Dearlillieblog

Did you ever come across a moss blast? Experiment with moss this year for your rustic centerpiece. From big moss mushrooms to moss eggs to twine nests, this unique Easter centerpiece has everything. 

23. Easter Bunny Pillow

Via Onsuttonplace

For this funky pillow, you’ll need a bunny template, burlaps, embellishments, and pillow cover. If you want a colorful one, include more ornaments and beads and it would look great! 

This bunny pillow would be with you for years to come and you can use it every year as Easter decor.

24. Eggshell Place Card Holders

Via Themerrythought

No tablescape is complete without trendy place cards and you can be as creative as your want with them. The eggshells with microgreens add a unique green touch to the table decor.

Make small place cards and place them on top of the greens in such a way that they are clearly visible. 

25. Easter Table with Quail Eggs

Any decor piece using quail eggs is bound to look rustic. Place them in a statement bowl and add a green floral branch in between to complete the DIY. 

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26. Speckled Egg Wreath

Via Restylerelove

Framed wreaths are always more special than their regular counterparts and this DIY has made its mark in my heart with those speckled eggs.

The whole look and color combination is so chic and rustic that it cannot be ignored. You can make a colorful wreath and choose the frame by playing with the color schemes. 

27. Easter Tree with Paper Eggs

Via Kira-cph

The striking color shades make the tree super-vibrant. Add in Easter ornaments like paper eggs and bunny faces hanging from the branches. You can use natural tree branches or an Easter tree for this DIY. 

28. Galvanized Bucket Vase

Via Countryliving

One glance at a pretty flower vase can make your day and this rustic vase has its own charm. Make this using a galvanized bucket as a vase and fill it with colorful spring flowers, brimming with life and aroma.

This voluminous bucket can be a good decor element for your living room or dining table this Easter. 

29. Spring Mantel and Bunny Sign

Via Somuchbetterwithage

Here is an easy bunny sign with hanging Easter eggs that could transform your mantle in seconds. You would need wrapping paper, poster boards, and colorful pens for this one. Pair it with stuffed bunnies and a bird’s nest on the counter and the mantel is ready for Easter. 

30. Rustic Easter Eggs

The color scheme with gold print is so attractive, isn’t it? The magenta color can be sprayed on the plastic eggs—or you can use onion peels to dye the real eggs. Use gold stamps or stickers for that extra color boost. Pair it with brown, wooden utensils and you’re done. 

31. Hope Wreath Sign

Via Fynesdesigns

Spring means hope and here is a unique wreath that would make your guests hopeful with its beauty.

The letters are glued on simple plywood and instead of using the alphabet O, you will use a forsythia wreath. You can be as creative as you want with the wreath and play with the colors. For some added Easter vibes, place baskets with eggs and small planters below the signboard. 

32. Cute Bunny Ears

Napkin ears and egg bunnies, I bet you have never seen something like this!

This pretty basket is full of hay and speckled eggs, and to add some Easter vibes, it has been paired with egg bunnies. You can make the bunnies by wrapping napkins around the eggs, yes, it’s that easy! 

33. Easter Egg Tree

Via Rhythmsofplay

Easter egg trees are part of fun traditions and they look gorgeous. Though they aren’t as hyped as the Christmas trees, Easter trees come with a distinct charm.

Collect bare branches (you can also buy a small twig tree), get Easter ornaments and use sand, pebbles, or rocks to fill the vase. If you want vintage vibes, don’t paint the branches and keep them natural.

34. Easter Vignette and Chalkboard

Via Dearlillie

This is basically a full-fledged mantel decor for Easter and I am sure you can’t take your eyes off it. It is so simple yet super elegant and it could be arranged on your front porch as well.

Place a big chalkboard with religious quotes surrounded by spring flowers, bunnies, and bird’s nests with speckled eggs—it will surely make a lovely sight.

35. Ribbons and Eggs

Printed eggs with ribbons attached on the top—I can’t stop looking at them. You can keep these eggs on baskets or galvanized pots and place them on the front porch to welcome Easter with grace and colors. 

36. Easter Wreath with Grass

Via Shelterness

We are not talking about fake or faux grass, let’s work with the real one here.

You have to make a grass wreath first with the help of any foam or grapevine wreath. Next, glue the speckled and colored eggs to it. Finally, include miniature nests to complete the look. You can also put some cute butterflies to amplify the spring vibes. 

37. A Farmhouse Front Porch

Via Confessionsofaplateaddict

This DIY front porch decor has everything. A beautiful tulip vase, a big bird nest with white eggs, and green planters with burlap ribbons. For extra sass, you can put colored eggs on the basket.

38. Wicker Basket with Eggs

Those paper flowers are eye-catching and I am already hooked on that pretty wicker basket. The pastel eggs and the beautiful paper flowers on the handle look heavenly—this basket can be paired with any Easter decor. 

39. Jute Carrot Garland

Via Raggedy-bits

This carrot garland is pretty amazing—it is made of jute and it has got that rustic vibe without being loud. You would just need foam carrots, jute, and small wooden pegs for this DIY and it would be done in no time. 

40. Bird’s Nest Cloche

Via Somuchbetterwithage

This one is a sophisticated version of the rustic spring cloches. The cloche here is tall and can accommodate a nest in a slanting position. The nest is resting on books, and it has speckled eggs with white flowers. Place a small stuffed rabbit on one side and your rustic decor piece is ready. 

41. Easter Cake in a Basket

Whether this centerpiece would be partly edible or not is completely your choice, but it will look beautiful. Take a woven basket, put the cake in the center, surround it with bunnies, chocolate eggs, and colorful plastic eggs, and the decor is done! 

42. Wooden Easter Bunny

Via Myrecipeconfessions

This reclaimed wood project would test your woodworking skills and you will need a jigsaw and a bunny template to complete this. For some extra sass, attach a big ribbon to your bunny, and you are done. 

43. Yellow Bird’s Nest

You would need yellow hay or yellow ribbons to make this nest. For the eggs, dye plastic chicken eggs of different sizes and put them on display. Place some butterflies on the nest to complete this decor. 

44. Simple Easter Centerpiece

Via Confessionsofaplateaddict

Figuring out the tablescape for Easter is one of the most intriguing tasks and it can be draining.

To help you out, here is a simple DIY centerpiece that has moss eggs, a speckled egg, some greens, some colorful flowers, and a rustic lamb. The hyacinth flowers look amazing amidst a vintage design and they could gel with any background. 

45. Rustic Easter Wreath

Via Mymommyworld

Wreaths can never go out of style—this one has green leaves and flowers, a small bird’s nest with miniature eggs, and a cute bunny in the center. To amplify that rustic vibe, place a twine bow at one corner and your wreath is ready to roll! 

46. Scrap Wood Bunnies

Via Bitterrootdiy

You would need circular scrapwood and hot glue for making these bunnies and they would be done in no time. Tie a ribbon around their necks and your cute bunnies are ready. Place them with eggs and a wreath in the background. 

47. Dollar Store Nest Wreath

Via Madincrafts

This DIY has a bird’s nest in the center. The outer circle is made of a grapevine wreath covered with twines. Make it extra special by placing colorful or speckled Easter eggs on the nest and it’s done. 

48. Easy Burlap Wreath

Via Dukemanorfarm

This DIY requires burlap rolls on a metal wreath form. Embellishments and other Easter elements are optional, but if you want that authentic feel, put some eggs and a moss bunny on it. 

49. Realistic Bird’s Nest

Via Craftberrybush

I don’t think any Easter decor would be complete without a real-like bird’s nest especially if you are working on a rustic theme this time.

You just need coconut husk, a small planter for the base, real greens or moss, and real or faux feathers. Complete the look by adding colorful eggs to the nest and this DIY is done. 

50. Easter Coffee Mugs

Transform a regular coffee mug into a unique Easter decor this year. This DIY has miniature speckled eggs to fill the mug. You can also fill the mug with candies and put the eggs on the top. 

51. Twine Easter Eggs

Via Ahomefordesign

Say no to plastic this year and switch to this pretty twine Easter egg. You would just need a balloon, twine, and paper mache paste for this DIY. Once complete, this egg can be paired with any setting and it will scream rustic! 

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