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51 DIY Halloween Wreaths

51 DIY Halloween Wreaths

The spooky season is nearing and it calls for a big celebration! What’s Halloween without decking up your house and trying to make it look more festive than your neighbor’s? It’s amazing to watch people trying to freak out others through their creative decors and food.

Are you gonna be a part of all that? Then you are in the right place. You’re going to get some awesome DIY wreath ideas that are perfect to start this season with a bang!

These spooky and clever Halloween wreaths are going to wow anyone who passes by your house—whether it’ll be trick-or-treaters or cosplayers. So scroll down and them out!

51 DIY Halloween Wreaths

1. Simple Crow Wreath

Via Twelveonmain

If you don’t wanna make a fuss about Halloween, this simple crow wreath is perfect for you. It needs absolutely zero effort to make and is a perfect last minute project

Just glue some fake crows to a grapevine wreath and hang it up. Pretty Halloween-y, innit?

2. Colorful Pumpkin Wreath

Via Lovelyindeed

Pumpkins and Halloween go together like turkeys and Thanksgiving. A colorful pumpkin wreath is a typical Halloween wreath that needs very little effort from you to shine.

Spray paint some artificial mini pumpkins and gourds, and glue them to a circular wreath base. And if you don’t want to add a lot of colors and keep your wreath spooky? Go with orange and black paints.

3. Cupcake Liner Wreath

Via Momdot

Want something more creative? Try making a wreath using cupcake liners.

Gather a bunch of orange and black liners (‘cause those are like the Halloween colors), take some of them, and pin them together in the form of a flower. Glue or pin several such flowers to a foam wreath base and you’re done!

4. Painted Clothespin Wreath

Via Midwestliving

Those little clothespins have more than one purpose, people! For example, they can also be used to make a festive wreath.

For a Halloween clothespin wreath, you need to cut out a cardboard ring for the base and glue spray-painted clothespins to it. Go for the festive colors like orange, yellow, black, etc. to paint the pins.

You can hang up your wreath using a large black satin ribbon.

5. Spooky Chevron Wreath

Via Makinghomebase

This wreath is cute and creepy! Wrap a wreath base with chevron fabric and embellish with spooky spiders. Crow feathers, fake spider web, and glitter balls kinda add to the creepiness, don’t ya think?

6. Pumpkin and Dead Flower Wreath

Via Threadsandbooms

Just like how the spring wreaths are filled with beautiful flowers and greens, this one is too, except they are dead, you know, to get that spooky/creepy Halloween feeling.

Get those dead/dried-out flowers (faux or real) and stick them to a black wreath base (either paint it black or wrap it with black ribbon) along with some greens and mini artificial pumpkins.

7. Big Spooky Crow Wreath

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Does this wreath remind you of Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries, or is it just me? The spooky and slick black thing this wreath has got going on is just perfect for Halloween.

Just embellish a painted grapevine wreath with a big toy crow, faux dead flowers or glitter floral stems, and add a black ribbon—that’s you need to do for this.

8. Halloween Witch Wreath

Via Lollyjane

Witches are my favorite part of Halloween. Whether they are a part of costumes or decors, no one ever seems to get tired of those spooky beings!

Some cutting and gluing of colorful fabrics, and you get your very own witch wreath. Add in a wooden sign with a spooky message as a finishing touch!

9. Spider Web Wreath

Via Sisterssuitcase

How about a spider web for a wreath? Cover an embroidery hoop with faux spider web and glue some creepy spider toys to it, and bravo you have a very realistic “handmade” spider web wreath. I have a strong feeling that your guests will be spooked by it.

10. Cute Ghost Halloween Wreath

Via Flamingotoes

Everyone tries to go for creepy and scary ghosts on Halloween. But you don’t have to go along with the masses.

Make a wreath with cute little ghosts on an embroidery hoop—people will surely go Aww! Surround it with poms and stitch in a cute little spider along with the ghosts—it will look absolutely adorable!

11. Mysterious Mummy Wreath

Via Prettyprovidence

I have never seen a cuter and more hilarious mummy before! The way the googly eyes are peeking out is mysterious and SUPER CUTE. The wreath is taped with muslin or cheesecloth which act as the mummy’s bandages.

Don’t add any embellishments to this wreath other than what’s absolutely necessary—it’s better to keep the wreath minimalistic.

12. Candy Corn Wreath

Via Womansday

Make a tasty wreath this Halloween with sweet candy corn. Glue several little candy corns to a styrofoam wreath base and put it up. The glue will make sure no one plucks them out and eats them!

Hang up your wreath using a black ribbon.

13. Fall Cookie Wreath

Via Countryliving

Here’s another sweet wreath for you. Welcome the Fall with this autumn leaves wreath that is made using cookie dough!

You can use a readily available cookie dough or a simple sugar cookie mix to avoid the process of making the dough. Paint the cookie leaves and glue them to a circular cardboard base.

14. Halloween Skull Wreath

Via Triedandtrueblog

Now this one is just plain scary and I love it! You’ll need to gather up some spooky styrofoam skulls and paint them black. Tie them together with a super-strong wire and form the wreath.

For extra spookiness, you can add LED battery-led lights to the eye sockets of the skulls. Brrr.

15. Eyeballs Halloween Wreath

Via No2pencil

Doesn’t it freak you out to see human body parts detached? Well, it does so for me. And if there are people who are anything like me, an eyeball wreath will freak them out.

Make those artificial eyeballs with ping pong balls and googly eyes, and glue them onto a straw wreath base.

16. Felt Blood Wreath

Via Kimmccrary

How about some blood and gore this Halloween? This wreath will let you achieve that.

Get a blood-red colored felt, cut it out into circles, and fold and pin them to the wreath base. It sorta looks like red blood cells squished together—perfectly gross!

You can also add a cute little spider to this wreath if you feel like it.

17. Black Cat Wreath

Via Shakentogetherlife

A black cat isn’t just a good Halloween costume but can be a wreath too. And it’s a witch’s favorite pet.

Wrap a styrofoam wreath base with fuzzy black yarn. Then glue the felt cat ears and black pipe cleaners (for the whiskers!) to the wreath.

18. Fabric Candy Corn Wreath

Via Thehouseofsmiths

Here’s another candy corn wreath, but this time we are not using actual candy corn. All you need is muslin, colorful canvas fabric, and a bunch of pins. Wrap a foam base with muslin, then pin the folded fabric pieces in the color combination of candy corns.

Don’t forget the black ribbon!

19. Spooky Spider Wreath

Via Chickenscratchny

Here’s another spider wreath for you—this one looks completely different though. Add a BOO tag (or any other message) to the wreath and a spooky poisonous toy tarantula. The spider web can be created using white yarn.

20. Burnt Paper Flower Wreath

Via Blueskyconfections

You ever made paper roses as a kid? Then that skill is gonna come in handy here. Even if you haven’t, no worries, this DIY is pretty easy.

Make paper roses and then slightly burn the edges of the “petals”. Glue them to a grapevine wreath and put it up. Add some colors to the roses or other embellishments for more glam.

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21. Pinecone Monster Wreath

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

Pinecones are also for Halloween! Put a bunch of spray-painted green pinecones together, add foam eyeballs and faux sharp teeth—your spooky little monster is ready to make people go “Woah!”.

22. One-Eyed Monster Wreath

Via Thepapermama

The trick-or-treat fellas are surely gonna get spooked by this one-eyed monster!

Glue a fur cloth to a circular wreath base. Then add a styrofoam half ball to the fur. Use black felt for the lashes and pupil—you can also draw the pupil—and there you have it! A simply but scary wreath.

23. Fancy Spider Web Wreath

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

This spider web wreath is chic.

You need LOADs of glittery stuff. If you can’t get a glittery foam wreath, simply sprinkle tons of glitters to a basic foam wreath. Add the glittery spider web and spider along with some faux flowers and fabric moss.

Don’t forget the skulls!

24. Skeleton Hands Wreath

Via Triedandtrueblog

Now how cool is this wreath? The shining silver paint truly makes it very funky.

Spray paint some plastic skeleton hands with silver first. Then glue them together on a chalkboard wreath base. You can change the central quote according to your wish.

25. Purple People Eater Wreath

Via Hoosierhomemade

Scare off the trick or treaters with a Purple People Eater Monster wreath! Who are we kidding, they’ll probably burst out laughing when they see this cute and “scary” wreath.

Get some rolls of purple tulle and cover the foam wreath with it. Add a giant eyeball to the monster and a cute cone hat using hot glue. Make sure to leave a gap for its “open mouth”.

26. Sugar Skull Wreath

Via Thecraftedsparrow

Sugar skulls are pretty cool and fun, and a sugar skull wreath will not fail to make an impression. Add some felt flowers and greens to the wreath and it will portray the transformation of summer into autumn.

27. Boo Yarn Wreath

Via Millionmoments

You can make a cute “Boo” wreath simply by wrapping a foam base with yarn. Pin cute little fabric flowers to it. Or add skulls, whatever you like.

You can also use any color combination you want!

28. Adhesive Border Wreath

Via Designimprovised

Just wrapping a foam base with adhesive border strips or decorative paper can go a long way. Mix up different patterns instead of going with the same one and incorporate colors such as orange, black, and yellow.

Add a Boo tag and you are all set for welcoming Halloween.

29. Giant Googly Eyes Wreath

Via Positivelysplendid

If you don’t have enough time on your hands, just add giant googly eyes to a simple wreath and it will become a good little Halloween wreath! Here, a pair of giant googly eyes have been added to a simple fabric wreath—it looks just WOW.

30. Black Ghoulish Wreath

Via Theartofdoingstuff

Ok, this one is SCARY. The trick or treat fellas may choose not to knock on your door.

This wreath is made of a black feather boa, black gauze, and glittery skulls. Put them together on a foam base and spook people!

31. Plaid Leaf Wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

For a forever fresh and classic look, this wreath is the way to go.

The leaves are cut from plaids and felt and pinned together on a styrofoam wreath base. Attach the leaves in such a way that they overlap and keep the pins hidden.

32. Skeleton Wreath

Via Megaspooky

Alright, this seems downright creepy. But hey it’s Halloween, and what’s better than a creepy skeleton wreath?

Gather up all the styrofoam bones and skull and glue them together firmly. The glue that you’ll use will play a major role here. You don’t want the bones coming out one by one—that is spooky.

33. “Beware” of the Skeleton Wreath

Via Funlovingfamilies

Wrap a foam base with a black feather boa and add a skull and skeleton hands. Then add a banner saying “Beware”. This wreath looks chicer rather than proper scary—who said skeleton wreaths couldn’t be stylish?

34.  Black Rose Wreath

Via Thehowtomom

Honestly, I don’t think black roses are scary. They are very attractive and hot! But for Halloween, black roses mixed with some purple ones will “darken” up the day.

You can also embellish the rose wreath with faux spiderweb, spooky spiders, and creepy crows.

35. Creepy Crow Wreath

Via Celebrateanddecorate

I always find crows to be…creepy. If you are gonna have people like me over, a crow wreath is enough to spook them out.

Glue the crows on a circular cardboard base. Top it off with a ribbon—an orange one will complement the wreath nicely.

36. Tulle Halloween Wreath

Via Busycreatingmemories

This striking, stunning wreath made from rolls of colorful tulle will look imposing as well as stylish.

For making it more festive than it already is, embellish with glittery web, glitter balls, spiders, and any spooky sign of your choice.

37. Fabric Boo Wreath

Via Thesuburbanmom

This is an easy-to-make wreath with a sense of elegance and class. For making this, you need to tie pieces of colorful fabric knots to a wire base.

Get wooden letters for adding the BOO sign and paint them with glitter acrylic paint.

38. Fun Witchy Wreath

Via Craftysisters

This witch will guard your door like no other! Make her using a straw wreath, socks, feather boa, black tulle, and paper, and give her her famous mode of transportation—the magical broomstick.

39. Witch’s Hat Wreath

Via Intelligentdomestications

You don’t need to make the entire witch, just her hat would make a great wreath design too.

You’ll need to get the hat wreath form from any store and wrap it with fabric. Add mesh and tulle as decoration, and finish it by attaching the witch’s fabric legs to it.

40. Mummy & Spider Wreath

Via Michellespartyplanit

This mummy wreath is another version of the one shared before, but just as cute.

If you’re looking for a wreath idea at the very last minute, this one is perfect for you. Wrap up a wire wreath base with ivory cloth, add peeking giant googly eyes, and top it with a spider.

41. Deco Mesh Skeleton Wreath

Via Lollyjane

Wrap a foam base with decorative mesh (black and orange are the preferred colors), stick a skull sprinkled with glitter on it, and finish the look with a ribbon bow. Classy!

42. Bookish Halloween Wreath

Via Raegunramblings

Add a vintage touch this Halloween with a wreath that’s made from book pages, ribbons, and a skull. Add a ribbon with ‘Happy Halloween’ written on it.

This is a quick and easy DIY if you’re looking for last-minute decorations.

43. Only Pumpkins Wreath

Via Triedandtrue

If you can’t think of the perfect Halloween decor, pumpkins will always come to your rescue! This wreath is made of only pumpkins attached together in a circle using some strong wire. A ribbon bow is tied to finish the look.

44. Black & White Skeleton Wreath

Via Diycandy

Use mini skeletons for making this spooky yet slightly cute wreath.

Separate the parts and paint them black and white. Attach them to a wreath form using glue and hang it up using a black ribbon.

45. Mickey Mouse Wreath

Via Asthebunnyhops

This Mickey Mouse wreath looks a bit creepy, to be honest, and that’s why I love it!

Carve out Mickey’s facial features on half of a craft pumpkin, paint it, and attach it along with some floral items to a grapevine wreath.

46. Witch Hand & Bug Wreath

Via Practicallyfunctional

Ooo this one looks pretty scary! The witch’s hand along with the bugs looks pretty impressive.

All you have to do is attach a fake witch hand to a grapevine wreath and add some glow-in-the-dark bugs. Your night visitors will be spooked by it.

47. Twig Spider Web Wreath

Via Twitchetts

Grab some twigs to make this simple spider web wreath. Glue three twigs together and wrap white yarn in such a way that it resembles a spider web. Add a toy spider and your wreath is good to go.

48. Flowers Have Eyes Wreath

Via Epbot

Since when do flowers have eyes? Maybe invisible ones. Whether they do or not, if we see them with human eyeballs, we’ll surely be creeped out.

You can buy some mini white plastic balls or fake eyeballs and do a little modification with them. Add them to faux red and black flowers, and glue them to a wreath form.

49. Another Spider Web Wreath

Via Thetiptoefairy

Make this simple yet realistic spider web wreath by covering a styrofoam wreath using Polyfil stuffing and white tulle. Glue on some spiders to the wreath and you’re done.

50. Bat Wreath

Via Justagirl

Halloween will be incomplete without bats. So, make a simple bat wreath by wrapping yarn around a styrofoam wreath and attaching some bats cut out of construction paper to it. Hang it up with a ribbon of your choice.

51. Easy Chalkboard Wreath

Via The36thavenue

This is a sweet and simple chalkboard wreath embellished with flowers and fabric. You can doodle anything you want on the cardboard circle. The trick or treat kids will love it.

Now that you’ve got a lot of ideas, go ahead and spook people out with your wonderful and creative Halloween wreaths. And of course, enjoy the festival. Happy Halloween!

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