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51 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

51 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Choosing the perfect Valentine’s gift for your man can be difficult, to say the least. For women, there are wide varieties of ideas, but for men – it’s tough and unfair! But don’t worry, lemme list out a number of different, uncommon, Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him!

You don’t need to have high-level crafting skills for this. The list is a mixture of different types of ideas, starting from cuttings to recipes, so you can choose according to your convenience. Move on and check out the varieties of gift ideas for men.

51 Unique DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for Men

1. Bread With Message

Via Thirtyhandmadedays

“The way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach”. So go ahead and bake LOVEs of bread for that special someone on Valentine’s Day! 

Bake his favorite-flavored bread and wrap each with a printable wrapper. Cover the bread with cellophane first. Print out a love message for your guy that says how handsome he is (guys too love to be complimented you know) or you can use puns and cheesy lines. 

Tasty bread with a beautiful message? That’s a combo guys swoon over.

2. Frame Of Love

Via Thirtyhandmadedays

It’s pretty common for people to gift cute photo frames with lovey-dovey pictures to their partners. So let’s go beyond the ordinary, shall we? 

Get a photo frame and take out the glass from it. Now you need a desirable colored fabric to do some backstitching on it. Don’t fuss about the backstitch part though. It’s pretty simple to do. Outline a pattern like a heart with an arrow and both of your initials inside the heart. Or, you can go for some other pattern.

 Backstitch the outline then wrap the fabric around the glass and glue the sides. Attach the glass back to the frame and it’s ready!

3. Frame Of Heart Maps

Via Queenbcreativeme

Trace your life together with him by gifting him a frame of heart maps. Lemme explain to you deeper. Think about all the special places where you guys made unforgettable memories like the place of your first meeting, first date, first kiss, and stuff like that.

Now, get a bunch of maps that are marked with these places. Punch that particular area of the map with a heart-shaped paper punch. Now, cut cardstock in the same shape to which you’ll stick the map. Give the thing a raise using foam and ink on the sides of the cardstock. Glue the maps, use a red pin to spot the exact location, and frame all the maps orderly.

4. 52 Reasons Why 

Via Craftster

You know there are other words that say more than the three “magical words”. So let your guy know how special he is by gifting him a book of 52 reasons why I love you.

 Fill all the pages with stuff you love about him. The way he grins, his eyes, hair, anything that comes into your mind just write them down. To make things fun, add funny or punny images too.

For example- you love his sparkling eyes? Write about it on a page then add a picture of sparkling yet funny eyes. This kind of stuff makes it humorous yet loveable. After all, guys love some humor in their partners!

5. Be My Love Boxers

Via Favcrafts

Take a red boxer and insert a magazine or cardboard in it. Place the love stencil on its surface and use a felt brush to dab paint on it. DON’T dab too much paint at once. 

If you don’t get the desired shapes of the stencil then make yourself. All you need to do is cut a shelf paper according to the desired shape and the stencil’s ready. 

The rest of the stuff is the same. Instead of a felt brush, you can dab with a cosmetic sponge as well.

6. Cupids Kiss N Sweethearts Vodka

Via Freutcake

This one’s perfect for your Valentine’s night. Get your hands on a bag of Sweethearts candies and make vodka with ‘em!

Segregate all the colors and pour them into separate bottles. Mix half a cup of vodka with each color and shake until the vodka’s flavored. Now for the packaging, fill clean bottles with the Sweethearts Vodka and tie tags around. The tags can be heart-shaped, printed with sweet texts. Focus on the minute details like the color of the tag ribbon, the color of the tag paper, etc.

Now make the cupid’s kiss cocktail using the Sweethearts vodka and Rose Lillet champagne. Decorate a martini glass for this by rimming its side with red and white sugar.

7. Bacon Roses

Ever heard of that? Well, now you do. Isn’t it amazing? Bacon roses that you can eat, nice! And, as we already know the way to a guy’s heart, gift him a vase of edible bacon roses. 

Drill holes in a muffin pan and place them on a broiler pan. Preheat the bacon and roll each piece tightly into rosebuds. Place the buds in the muffin pan and cook. After you’re done with the kitchen work, attach real rose stems to the bacon buds and present them in a vase. Your man will relish them!

8. Hot Red Gift Basket

Via Fantabulosity

How hot is your guy? I’m certain red hot for you! Show him that by gifting him a basket of his favorite red stuff! 

You know some metallic toolboxes can be pretty stylish and classy. Get your hands on one such box, or any other stylish box would do okay. Place a red fabric inside the box. The pattern of the fabric can be polka dots, stripes, or any other you desire BUT it must be red! Red hot remember?

Fill the box with all his favorite goodies that are red in color. Tie a tag to the box that says “ I Think You’re Red Hot”. 

9. Carved Candle

Via Helloglow

A simple yet special Valentine’s gift for him. Get a scented candle ( the one he loves) and carve both of your initials on it. 

First, tape your desired design on the candle so that your hands don’t slip while drawing. Then firmly trace the initials using a ballpoint pen. Finally, use a cutter to carve out the design and fill the carvings with a gold leaf pen.

Use a wooden coaster as the candle stand. If this design is not your type, go for some other patterns and shapes. Whatever makes you and your guy happy.

10. Candy Box With a Secret Message

Via Thecraftedlife

Don’t go for the fancy little candy boxes from the store. Make one yourself that’s surely gonna impress your man. 

Take a small box and cover the insides with colorful wrappers. Write a secret message on paper that’s quite smaller than the box and glue it inside.

 For the cover of the box, arrange pom poms in love shape on the surface of it. Fill the box with Sweethearts and this cute little gift is ready. Your guy will have to finish all the candies to uncover the secret message!

11. Valentine’s Moustache and Eyes

Via Warmhotchocolate

If you guys are a romcom type of couple, then this one’s perfect to gift to him. You can easily figure out what to do by the picture itself. 

Take a card, stick a straw on it, and a mustache or eyes and brows on the top. Finish it with a cute funny message like “I mustache you to be mine” or anything else that comes into your mind. To spice it up, you can even print a picture of his mustache and attach it instead. 

12. Our Story Scrapbook

What’s better than reminiscing about the beautiful moments you spent together? Make a beautiful scrapbook for him that narrates your entire journey to date.

You can begin with a cute ‘read me’ sign by gluing colorful printed fonts. You can add a calendar marking the special dates. Add note cards, pictures, and write down the special memories alongside the photos. List all the things that made you fall in love with him. Add all the special texts or letters you passed each other.

Make the book colorful and filled with beautiful pictures and texts. Finish it on a good note about your future together.

13. Heart Of Bubble

Via Smartschoolhouse

A cute little thing for your man, if you wanna keep it simple. All you need is a red foam and plastic baggie!

First, cut the red foam in the shape of a heart. Now cut another foam heart but cut out the center from this one(make it like a frame). Place all the bubble gums or candies on the base heart and cover the thing with a plastic baggie. Glue the baggie along the sides and then place the frame on it. Glue the frame and this cute little gift is ready.

14. Mason Jar Match Box

Via Senseandsimplicity

If your man is in constant need of a lighter or matchstick, gift him this craftily little match-jar. The mason jar is the hero here. Technically, the lid of the jar is the main stuff here.

There are two ways to do this- make a hole in the lid or cut out the lid disc fully and attach a cardboard disc instead then make a hole in it (I’d prefer the latter). 

Glue a wedding wrapper on one half of the lid and strike strip on the other. You can even glue a piece of the wrapper on the inside of the lid too. Finish the look with a romantic tag tied around the lid. 

15. I Love You Because Frame

Via Supersavingsblog

Re-use an old photo frame to turn it into Valentine’s gift. Get a pretty scrapbook paper with printed letters on it to get the vintage look. Now you need vellum paper to display your message on the frame. Why vellum? So the letters of the scrapbook paper don’t dominate the texts.

Print “I Love You Because” on the vellum or anything else you want and attach it to the scrapbook paper. Put the entire thing in a photo frame and wrap it up to gift him!

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16. Beer Box

A typical guy gift- Beer Box! You can get it from the store but it’s more fun to craft gifts for Valentine’s, isn’t it? You won’t need much for this. Some rectangular strips of wood and screws to make the box.

Stain the wood too for a better finish. Nail a bottle opener on one side of the box. The box is ready but you ain’t planning on giving an empty box, are ya? So fill it with beer bottles and don’t forget to wrap the bottles with printables.  

17. Chalkboard On Mug

Via Abeautifulmess

Turn his regular, old mug into a crafty one. Or, do this on a new mug, whatever. Tape around the mug to create a border within which you’ll paint with chalkboard paint. Apply two-three coats or more, until it becomes dark enough. 

To make the paint permanent, bake the mug at a high temperature for half an hour. Chalk one side fully and wipe it off. Now, the chalkboard is ready to be written! 

The best part is, you can easily erase the texts and write new ones anytime. Maybe pass on secret messages through it?

18. Beard Oil Recipe

Via Retrohouewifegoesgreen

One of the troubles men have to go through is choosing the perfect beard oil that’s satisfying and affordable. Spare your guy the trouble and make one for him this Valentine’s Day. It’ll be cheaper and the perfect one for his skin. 

Pour apricot oil and lime essential oil using a funnel or a measuring cup and mix thoroughly. This mixture is great to have a soft and itch-free beard. Store the oil in a bottle with a dropper.

You can decorate the bottle with printables or tags or leave it be. Tea tree oil and lavender also works as antibacterials, if you’re okay with the scent.

19. Us On a Tree

Via Threescoopsoflove

If your man is into rustic stuff, this gift is the most suitable one. 

First, you need to choose the “perfect” log. Perfect means a pretty one that can be chiseled with ease. Use cardstock or something of the desired pattern to outline on the wood. Freehand carving might be difficult and can even ruin the look.

Carve the heart on it with both of your initials inside it, or choose any other pattern. Make sure the base of the log is flat enough for it to stand still. 

20. Jar Of Things I Love About You

Via Cremedelacraft

If you don’t wanna go for the book, go for this jar! Get a mini mason jar and tie yarn around it. Insert a button in the yarn before tying it around the jar. Make several layers of yarn and trap a felt heart in between.

Now take a paper and cut it into pieces for writing all the things you love about him. Put all of ‘em in the jar, along with some other stuff if you want. Take a piece of fabric or linen and place it on the top of the jar before closing the lid. The mini jar of “things I love about you” is ready! 

21. Alcohol Bouquet

Via Afishwholikesflowers

Go to the liquor shop and grab some mini alcohol bottles for this DIY Alcohol bouquet! Perfect gift for your manly man. 

First, hot glue dowels to the bottles and let them dry. Make sure the dowels are firmly attached to the bottles. Then take the mason jar and put floral foam in it. Fill the jar with white filters then insert the bottles in it. 

Finish the look by wrapping burlap or printables around the jar. You can even add a tag. The bouquet’s ready. 

22. Valentine’s Coasters 

Via Buildbasic

Another rustic gift idea for your guy. You need square-shaped wooden blocks and wooden strips for this. Chisel them on your own or get the pieces from the hardware store. 

Make the coaster holder by nailing wooden strips to a square block. For the coaster, you need to paint the square blocks with chalkboard paint first. 

Then use a stencil or make a template of your own to spray paint the words on them. Let it sit. Place the coasters in the container and present the gift!

23. Crafty Toiletries Bag

Via Thecraftygentleman

Not only women, but even men also need to carry a bunch of toiletries on trips. So make his life a bit easier by sewing a toiletries bag for him.

Take a big, rectangular piece of decorative fabric. Sew the fabric in some pockets. Sew a felt on the borders of the pockets. Now fill it with toiletries and roll the bag. To keep it intact, you’ll need to sew a thread or something on the back of the bag. 

For gifting, decorate with tags or lovey-dovey printables. You can even add some notes in the pockets, just for a gifting purpose. 

24. Bourbon Balls

Bourbon that you can eat! Your guy will be impressed by your creativity. The ingredients required are graham crackers, walnuts, cocoa powder, sugar, grated ginger, honey, and of course bourbon! 

Toast the walnut and grind it into a paste. Grind the crackers into dust. Mix the two with powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and grated ginger. Stir the mixture in honey and bourbon. Roll the dough into balls and decorate with fruity pebbles and graham crackers dust. 

25. Mini Pool Table

Via Consumercrafts

If you can’t give a giant pool table to your man, give him a mini one! I’m sure he’ll be happy with the effort and love you put into it. 

The base item is a small aluminum tin. For the stand, glue a bead tube to each corner inside the tin. Now you’ll have to make plaster. You can easily get the plaster powder and mix it with some cups of water. Pour the plaster into the tin and let it dry. Once dry, take out the tubes.

Cut green felt in the shape of the plaster and attach it to the plaster. Paint the beads to turn ‘em into balls and arrange the triangle with a floral wire. Make the dowel, and it’s done!

26. String Heart

Via Handmakerofthings

This one’s fun! Show some love to your man by making a frame of heart for him. 

Take a clean plywood board and draw a giant heart on it. Then hammer nails along the heart outline. Once the nails are firmly secured, begin wrapping the string or twine nail to nail in random geometric patterns. This part is the most fun! 

Keep going until it forms the heart you like. Tie a knot on the end and cut off the remaining. It’s ready to be gifted!

27. Scrabble Art

Via Hotpolkadot

I’ve often seen in tv shows and movies that people tryna declare their love for the other through scrabble! You can apply the same idea here!

Take a hard, thick board of any material and glue a print of the Scrabble game on it (or simply use the board itself as wall decor). Now get small wooden blocks and paint the letters on them, or rather just take out the letters from the game itself if you have it, and glue them on the board in a way that reads “ I Love You” or anything else.

 Don’t forget to leave a hole behind to hang up on the wall.

28. Pop Up Photo Box

What’s better than gifting a box of beautiful memories? Make a pop-up photo box for your guy this Valentine’s and show him how much those precious memories mean to you! 

Get a small wooden box and paint it with the desired color. Get black cardstock and make an accordion out of it with as many layers as you want. Glue the photos you choose to the accordion. Glue the base of the accordion to the inside of the box. Also, make a pull by gluing a ribbon on the top layer of the accordion.

29. Glowing Us

This gift will glow up Valentine’s day for him! It’s as easy to make as it may not seem. 

Print out good, colorful pictures of you two first. Now arrange some jars, depends on how many pictures you wanna take. Place each picture on the surface of the inside of each jar. Make sure that they are well intact to the surfaces.

Place the fake tea lights or LED candles in the jars and it’s done. When keeping it as temporary decor, you can use real candles but it’s better to use fake ones.

30. Be Mine Candy

Via Celesterrockwoodjones

Show him how sweet he is through this Be Mine Candy Box. You can either make his favorite candies or get them from the sweet shop. The main DIY lies in the decoration. 

Print out the designed letters BE MINE and convert them into candy wrappers. You can choose the design of the printables or style on your own. You can get the printables from the store too. Contain the candies in a cute little customized box. You can print out the box wrapper as well. 

Bonus, you can even sell these candy boxes. No harm in earning a little extra, eh? 

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31. Room Of Memories

Via Oureverydayart

Who said “gifts” mean objects? Walk him down the memory lane by hanging memorable moments of you both to pretty red balloons and ribbons. 

Blow up the balloons and use double-sided tape to stick them to the ceiling. Cut pretty ribbons and tape them to the balloons. Print out some memorable photos and attach them to the bottom of the ribbons. Fill the bed with rose petals and the room’s ready. 

Don’t forget to blindfold him before letting him enter!.

32. Necktie Pouch

Via Polkadotchair

Upcycle your man’s necktie to make this zip pouch for him! Unlike his wallet, there is no chance of the notes falling out of this pouch. 

You need two neckties for one pouch. First, open the stitches of the tie. You’ll be surprised how much fabric you can get from it! Next, iron shape-flex and fusible fleece on the back of each tie. Now take the metal zip and sew 2 folded fabric pieces on either side. 

Sew one side of the zip to one tie along with a lining fabric. Repeat the same process for the other tie. Sew the ties together and the pouch is ready.

33. Wood Serving Board

Via Manmadediy

Does your man want something rustic? Gift him a rustic serving board. He can serve cocktails and drinks on this to his friends!

Get the basswood bark from the supply store or from your backyard. First, clean the thing with a stiff-bristled brush. Then sand both sides with grit paper. Finish it with mineral oil or butcher block conditioner. And it’s ready to use. 

Basswood is quite soft so you can carve out some pattern on it if you wish to. But don’t use a very sharp object for the job.

34. Leather Key Chain

Via Consumercrafts

Give his keys a makeover by making a keychain for him. All you need is a leather strip, cutters, a bead, and hole punchers. 

Take a small leather strip and split its end into two. Slide a bead onto the strip and tie the split end. Punch holes in the strip and insert a keyring. Fold the thing and it’s ready. Top it off by tying a string around (optional). 

35. Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

Via 2littlehooligans

Does he like fishing? Then update his fishing lures with beer caps. Creative? Hell yeah!

The main job is to pinch the cap with your fingers and drill the holes on either side of it. Before drilling, flatten the sides with a screwdriver or a small blunt item. Take the measurements of the split rings on either end and then drill. Insert the rings once you’re done. Now insert the swivel and hook. 

Quite an easy job but you may wanna lookout for the sharp ends. 

36. Red Hots Jar

A Red Hot Jar! Simple yet a creative one! The supplies are a mason jar, red candies, red scrapbook paper, and red glitter foam/felt. 

Simply glue the red paper on the flat lid then screw back the outer one. Fill the jar with red candies and top it off with a small heart. Use twine to add a tag saying “You’re hot” or “You’re Sexy” as you wish.

37. Men’s Suit Chocolate Box

Via 1dogwoof

Show him how sweet of a man he is with this men’s suit chocolate box. I’ll consider a matchbox here. But you can use a bigger box.

Cut patterned scrapbook paper into different pieces. First, make the shirt on the surface of the box. Then the pants by simply gluing a rectangular piece on the bottom of the shirt. Finally, make the suit by gluing strips on the shirt and fold on top for the collar.

Fill the box with Hershey’s Kisses and shower your love on him!

38. Fruits With Message

This one’s all about clever puns! If your guy loves varieties of fruits, gift him a basket of ‘em! But, of course, with a bunch of clever puns!

On the bananas write the words “ I am bananas for you”. For the pear, write “ We make a perfect pair” and so on. Draw some cute patterns along with the words as well. Not just the fruits, make sure the basket is pretty too! You can even add a tag on it.

39. Majestic Cuff Links

Via Almostmakesperfect

He oughta have a shirt that could use cufflinks. Even if he doesn’t yet, who knows when the need can arise? Gift him a couple of handmade cufflinks this Valentine’s. The idea is uncommon too!

Polymer clay is the main item here. Preheat it and mold it into small squares or circles. The size should be bigger than the surface of the cufflinks so you can do some happening later. Cut slices all around with a blade to form an organic geo shape. Bake the clay, cool it, and glue it to the golden cufflinks.

40. Knitted Golf Club Covers

Get your man’s golf club some knitted covers! If you got basic knitting skills, making this won’t be much of a problem for you. 

Don’t ya think that the golf club somewhat looks like a giant spoon? Well, that’s how the covers are gonna look like- giant “spoons”. You need balls of flexible yarn and double pointed needles for this. The basic pattern is bottom-up knitting- one strand for the ribbing and two for the head. Make three different covers for the three clubs, according to their sizes. Top it off with a twist or a pom-pom. 

41. Homebrewed Beer

Via Artofmanliness

Treat him with some homebrewed beer! To make this, you need to buy a beer kit that’ll contain the necessary containers and ingredients like malt extracts, maltodextrin, grains, etc.

Boil some water first. After some time, pour the ingredients one by one and leave it in the boil mode for a couple of hours. Then transfer it to the fermentor bucket. It’ll take a couple of weeks for it to become beer.

 Now add more water, cool the thing, and pour the yeast in it. After some time, you’ll find it ready!

42. Crankshaft Lamp

Via Artofmanliness

Gift your manly-man a crankshaft lamp this Valentine’s.

First, clean the rust off the crankshaft. Now make the base using red oakwood. Cut two circular frames and screw them together. Drill holes for the bolts and coat the base. Then bolt the base to the crankshaft.

Fit the lamp cord in the ports or wrap it around the crank and place the bulb on top. Done!

43. Paracord Keyholder

Via Stormdraneslaneyard

Women have beautiful purses to carry around a bunch of keys, but men don’t. Unfair. Get your man a lanyard that’ll help him carry a bunch of keys around safely. 

Take a long paracord and mark its center. Tie off a loop there. Take the free ends and tie a couple of knots with ‘em over a swivel clip or snap hook. Make sure there’s a few inches gap between the knots and the base loop.

After you’re done with all the measurements, begin with the cobra stitches from the knots. After you reach the loop, start with the king cobra stitches. Pull the remaining strands on either side then trim them off. Burn the endings to keep them intact. Now pits ready to carry a bunch of keys together.

44. Cigar Box Guitar

Via Artofmanliness

It’s made of wood (in case you got confused by the heading). All you need is a wooden box and some wooden strips.

First, cut the mid part of the lid through which the strip can pass and measure the depth of it. Mark the same depth on the strip and cut out that part. Fit the remaining strip on either side of the box. Fix the guitar parts on the neck and body and it’s ready!

45. Corn Cob Pipe

Via Artofmanliness

It’s a vintage pipe indicating the hard times of some of the common Americans in the 1800s. It’ll be an uncommon, creative, manly-man gift for your guy. 

First, bake the corn to make it stiff. Then make a bowl on top about an inch deep and another on the side that connects to the bowl. Take a wooden branch, sharpen it, and drill a hole in it to form the pipe. Fix it in the side hold of the corn. 

46. Vintage Base Ball Decor

Is your man a huge baseball fan? Get him a bunch of vintage baseballs then(the rare ones). But gifting only that’d be boring. So make a frame out of them!

Use a finished wood or an old cabinet door. Drill holes that are big enough to fit in the baseballs but not through. Polish the wood well, hot glue the baseballs in the holes, and finish the look with a baker’s twine. 

47. Leather Wallet For Guys

Via Themerrythought

If you wanna keep it simple yet something to work on, make this leather wallet for your man. Get some good quality leather ‘cause it’s the hero here.

You can easily figure out the stitches by the picture. Two pieces of leather, stitched on the sides with an angular cut on the top. 

But, if you want you can stitch them in the shape of an actual wallet too. You need more leather in the latter case. Simply, take two rectangular pieces of leather and stitch them on the sides, leaving two openings- one for the mouth, another tiny one in the middle to make it foldable.

48. Leather cover for Laptop

Via Sweetverbena

Protect his laptop from all the dust by making a leather cover for him. It’s super easy to make.

Take the leather and place it on the laptop to take all the measurements. Now mix the brown with mustard by stitching mustard-colored felt on the insides of the cover. Stitch the three sides and the cover is ready. 

Make a clutch simply using 2 leather strips. Sew a triangle on the strips to keep them intact, then sew a button on the front of the cover. The cover’s ready! 

49. Camp Chair

Via Designsponge

Do your mangoes camp a lot? Then gift him a personal, foldable camp chair. 

Take three wooden dowels and bolt them together in a criss-cross manner, such that they’re movable up to a certain angle. Cut a leather or some other similar material into a triangle and screw the three corners on the dowels.

Screw a leather belt or a strip with a buckle on one corner of the to strap the chair when it is folded.

50. Tree Branch Coat Hook

Via Artofmanliness

If he loves rustic furnishings, then gift him a bunch of wooden coat hangers. Or, you can fix the hangers in his room, arrange his coats, and then surprise him! 

Gather some small tree branches and cut them into several small pieces, each having only one branch pointed out. Flatten the back of each piece and shave off all the extra sharp ends. 

Drill holes on the bottom and top of each hanger to fit in the wall screws. 

51. Woven Paracord Watch

Not just lanyard, gift him a paracord watch too! It’s pretty easy to make. 

Cut the paracord according to his wrist size. First, tie a knot around a release buckle. Then slide in the watch and tie another knot around the buckle on the other end.

Start with the cobra stitches- it’s basically weaving with three warps. Weave on either side and cut off the remaining strand. Burn the ends a little to keep the paracord intact and your watch is ready. 


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