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51 Closet Organization Ideas Images

51 Closet Organization Ideas Images

I’m certain you are troubled by how messy your closet can get. Does the thought of cleaning it give you nightmares? If that’s so, then I can assure you it won’t be that way anymore! I’m here to present to you some astounding Dollar Store closet organization ideas!

There’s nothing “crafty” about it. You just need to spend a few bucks and some time to finally give the closet a good makeover—whatever kind of items are stored in here. A lot of the materials you need for closet organization is available right at the Dollar Store.

So scroll down and explore 51 of the cleverest closet organization ideas we’ve listed for you!

51 Dollar Store Closet Organization Ideas

1. Clutch Rack

Via Fabulousfashions4sensiblestyle

Among all the clothes and accessories, clutches have a tendency to go missing! So go get a kitchen lid rack from the Dollar Store and use it to organize your clutches instead.

2. Tights Hanger

Via Lanaredstudio

Are tights a part of your daily wear but make your closet look super disorganized? Get a bunch of wooden clothes pegs and glue them to the wall of your closet. You can even glue them on the back of your closet door. Your choice!

Now you can easily pick out the tights that will go along with the rest of your outfit.

3. Scarves Organizer

Via Ftdofsmcp

The way the scarves mess up a closet is crazy! I’m sure every scarf-lover out there can relate to this.

Get a wooden hanger and a bundle of curtain rings from the Dollar store to make this scarf organizer. No, they won’t slide to one side of the hanger, I swear.

4. Hanging Handbags 

Via Athoughtfulplace

Are you the kind of person who has a ton of handbags for every occasion? You are?! Then get a bunch of shower hooks and use them to organize the handbags inside your closet.

Now you can hold up the outfit you’re planning to wear next to each bag and easily see which one goes with it.

5. No-Slip Hangers

Via Inmyownstyle

It’s annoying when our clothes slip off the hangers and fall to the floor of the closet creating a mess. BUT, we’ve got a solution for that too—make no-slip hangers!

Wrap colorful pipe cleaners on the edge of each hanger and that’s gonna keep the sleeves from slipping away (for sure!).

6. Metal Racks For Undergarment Organization

Undergarments, especially of small sizes, have a habit of getting lost in the mountain of clothes. So spare yourself some trouble and fix this metal rack organizer on the door of your closet.

No more rummaging around trying to find the right undergarments!

7. Shoe Hangers

Via Heywandererblog

This is not that difficult to make—all you need are a bunch of clothes hangers from the Dollar Store, some hooks, and yarn. The hangers have to be shaped in two different ways to accommodate all kinds of sandals.

Use pliers to cut and bend the wires. Use both the top part of the hanger as well the bottom part. Now your sandals can be organized on any unused part of the wall.

8. Tie Holder


Hardware handles are pretty useful to hang ties and scarves inside the closet. If you decide to hang scarves on them, gently knot each to keep them from slipping away.

9. Visible Shoe Storage


Do you have many pairs of shoes and are struggling to organize them in your closet? Shoes are one of the main culprits when it comes to closet clutter.

Use clear plastic boxes from the Dollar store to make their storage easy. You’ll also be able to find the right pair quickly.

10. Clutch and Belt Organization

Via Perpetuallychic

Get hold of some paper towel holders to store your belts in a neat manner. Clear magazine holders can hold your clutches. You won’t have to spend more than a few bucks on these holders.

11. Necklace Untangle

Via Viewalongtheway

Necklaces have a tendency of getting all tangled up when you store them in your drawer or a box. To properly organize them, install small circular hooks on your closet wall (there will surely be some part of the wall that’s not used up) and hang your necklaces there.

If your clothes and jewelry are stored in the closet, then it becomes easier to get ready.

12. Purse Hanger

Via LIfecreativelyorganized

The clothes hanger and curtain rods from the dollar store are pretty useful in organizing your purses! Use the shower curtain rings for this job. Nail a hook to the closet wall for the hanger.

13. Undies Drawer

Via Imperfecthomemaking

Install drawers inside your closet for storing socks and undies. Place dividers in each drawer to keep the pieces separated from each other. Fold the socks and undies in konmari style ‘cause it’s tidier.

You can get clear plastic condiment trays from the dollar store in order to store your stockings neatly.

14. Belt Organizer

Via Livesimplybyannie

The curtain rod and shower curtain rings can easily become a belt hanger! Screw the rod inside your closet, put up the rings, and hang your belts.

15. Gift Wrap and Bag Organizer

Via Simplicityinthesouth

The craft closet isn’t that easy to organize. So here are some tips to organize this closet. Use a dowel or curtain rod to organize the rolls of wrappers, and bins for gift bags, ribbons, etc.

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16. Back-of-the-door Rack

Via Simplicityinthesouth

The varieties of brushes, glitter pens, color pens, etc. should all go in pen stands. Use the back of the closet door, install a rack, and store the stands on it.

17. Store Linens In Baskets

Via Abirdandabean

Get a bunch of colorful baskets from the Dollar Store and organize your linen closet! Segregate the items in your closet and attach tags/labels to each basket.

18. Small Woven Bins

Via Designertrapped

You can store your sunscreens, first aid kit, and other small items on the back of your closet door. Just get some plastic woven storage bins and install these on the back of your closet door.

19. Jeans Organizer

Via Lovebugliving

Separate your jeans from the other clothes and organize them using clothes hangers. Then add tags that say what jean style it is and the shoes that particular pain goes with, or what tops it’ll go with, and so on.

20. Boot Filers

Via Rethinkborders

It’s so sad the way our long boots slump on the floor! Get some foam floaters from the Dollar Store, cut them according to the length of your boots, and insert them into the boots. No more slumping!

21. Heels Organizer

Via Diyshowoff

Oh, the heels! Tough to store, ain’t they? Not anymore! Get some furring strips and nail them to the closet’s wall. Then put up your heels as shown in the picture.

This is a pretty good way to organize the heels, isn’t it?!

22. Hat Holders

Via Themommytimes

Binder clips, curtain rings, and a clothes hanger—these are all you need to store your collection of caps! First, attach the binder clips to the hangers with the help of curtain rings. Then clip all the caps. Easy!

23. Hanging Boots

Via Diyshowoff

Use the clip clothes hangers for organizing all your pairs of boots inside the closet. This method also follows the motto “No Slumping!”.

In case you’re wondering, the clips won’t leave any marks on the boots.

24. Shoes In Buckets

Get some buckets from the store and use them to store your shoe collection. Segregate your shoes into different buckets- one for heels, one for sportswear, and so on. Keep the least used ones in the bottom and the often used on the top.

25. Canvas Bins Storage

Via Iheartorganizing

Get some canvas bins and turn them into “drawers” inside your closet—use them to store pajamas, socks, undies, etc. If you don’t like ordinary, add silhouette cutouts matching the contents in the bins.

26. Another Belt Organizer!

Via Powertoolsandhighheels

Wooden clothespins for belts—ain’t they good? Glue some to a board or on the wall in your closet and store your belts this way.

27. Smalls In Smalls

Anchor Hocking Classic Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids, Blue, 2 Cup (Set of 3)

What’s that? It means- store small stuff in small clear containers. Get some clear boxes and store small linen closet items like batteries, etc. in them.

28. Rolling Hamper

Via Blesserhouse

Get a rolling basket with a removable liner. Why? ‘Cause, it’ll be easier for you to roll it out of the closet, untie the liner and carry all the dirty clothes together (without anything dropping on the floor).

You can even make the removable liner yourself.

29. Closet Caddy

Via Blesserhouse

You can store your cleaning supplies in the linen closet too. All you need for this is a caddy. Now it’ll also be easier to carry the cleaning supplies around.

30. Linen Closet Makeover

Via Ourhomemadeeasy

We can get enough of linen closet organization.

If your linen closet has wire shelves, get rid of ‘em! Install wooden shelves instead ‘cause they’re better storage units. Segregate the items in galvanized metal storage bins, jute baskets, and wired baskets.

31. Jar Storage

Via Blesserhouse

Toiletries have to be stored in a neat and clean environment—especially the ones you’ve kept aside for when guests visit your home. They can be stored in your linen closet.

So, get clear jars from the Dollar Store, fill them with soaps and other toiletries, and store them in your closet. Different items have to be stored separately.

32. Toilet Paper Storage

Via Thecharmingdetroiter

Don’t let the toilet paper rolls roll around. Get a jute basket from your local Dollar Store, and store all the rolls in it in an organized manner in your linen closet.

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33. Craft closet Organizer

Via Simplicityinthesouth

Use the clear plastic drawers from the Dollar store to organize the often-used craft items in your craft closet. Label them for your convenience.

34. Fully Wired Closet

Via Rainandpine

Almost everything is wired in this storage! Use the wired baskets to segregate the items on the wired shelves inside your closet.

Now arrange everything according to the frequency of their usage—keep the least used ones on the topmost shelf, the heaviest ones on the bottom, often used ones in the middle, and so on.

Wired baskets will also offer you an easy view of what’s stored where.

35. Bedding Storage 

Via Ramblingrenovators

Bedding surely can’t be overlooked! Segregate the bedding in uniform boxes and tag them too! Place them on the closet shelves as per their seasonal needs.

36. Bathroom Supplies In Closet

Via Kelleynan

Use the back of the linen closet door to store bathroom supplies. Install some racks from the Dollar Store there and put everything in according to their intended purpose.

You can even keep medicines in these racks.

37. Small Linen Cupboard

Via Diypassion

If you have a long closet, you can take out some shelves and add a cupboard instead. This solution applies to the clothes closet as well. Use the wired baskets or bins with ledges from the Dollar store and turn them into drawers using L-shaped plastic trims.

38. Garment Bags

Via Honeybearlane

You must have a lot of clothes that are not worn often, and yet you let them take up a lot of space on your shelves.

Put them in garment bags and place the bags under the bottom shelf in your closet. You can even store them under the bed! Now you’ll have a lot more space in your closet for storing other stuff.

39. Ice Cube Trays for Small Items

Via Simplicityinthesouth

Get those pretty little ice cube trays from the Dollar store and use ’em to organize the mini stuff in your craft closet. Keep these trays in plastic drawers.

40. Messy Stuff concealed with Boxes

Via Simplicityinthesouth

It isn’t necessary to store every stuff in an organized way. Throw the ones that need no organization in a bunch of concealed boxes from the store and the closet looks neat and tidy.

41. Little Pegs For Purses

Via Honeybearlane

Got a lot of purses in your closet? Arrange them using these small pegs. Get as many as you want from the store and screw them on the closet wall.

42. Jewelry Holder

Via Organizeyourstuffnow

Spray paint the wood mug holder and use it to hang up necklaces and other jewelry. Screw them on your closet wall. It can also hold belts and ties!

43. S Hooks

Via Organizeyourstuffnow

Use the S hooks from the Dollar store and hang your clothes on them. They’ll provide easy visibility and you won’t have a hard time picking out the outfit you want to wear the following day.

You can also decide on your outfits for the week and arrange them according to that on these hooks—for example, Monday’s outfit will be on the first hook, then Tuesday’s, and so on.

44. Dollar Store Scarf Hangers 

Via Organizeyourstuffnow

Do you know the Dollar store also sells scarf hangers? Yeah, use them! They can also be used for belts and ties—who doesn’t love a multipurpose item? This is what you call well spent!

45. Boxes Of Toys

Via Organizeyourstuffnow

If you’ve got toys lying all around, don’t worry! Store them in clear plastic boxes and place them in your closet. Keep it where the kids can reach so that they don’t mess up your closet in the process of finding their toys!

46. Colorful Jewelry Racks

Via Tatertotsandjello

Dollar store sells silverware trays that you can use to organize your jewelry. Use the back of your closet door to install the trays vertically. Screw hooks on the trays and then hang up your jewelry.

47. Napkin Holders for Organization

Via Amylattacreations

Did you know the plastic napkin racks are sold at the Dollar Store? Use them to organize the dishtowels as well. You can use them for your clutches too!

48. Winter Stuff Organizer

Via Mommysavers

Pull out a pocket door organizer as winter arrives. It can be used to store winter gear like shoes, hats, mittens, scarves, etc. Better to segregate this stuff from the others, right?

49. Rainbow Of Tanks

Via Thebudgetmakeover

Keep all your tanks together using a clothes hanger and a bunch of curtain rings. Who doesn’t love the rainbow? This organization method is super simple and will make your closet look prettier too.

50. Shorts Organization

Via Organizingmoms

Attach shower curtain rings on a rod, and hang the shorts by their belt loops. This method has its advantages. You’ll have more space in your closet for storing other things. Your shorts will have fewer wrinkles too.

51. All In One 

Give an entire makeover to your closet using collapsable boxes, clear boxes, foam floaters, hangers, curtain rings, and curtain rods! Basically, put all the ideas together! And all the items you need will be available right at the Dollar Store.


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