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29 Farmhouse Sign DIY Ideas That Are Inexpensive To Make

29 Farmhouse Sign DIY Ideas That Are Inexpensive To Make

Are you always on the lookout to find great decor ideas for your humble living space? If you’re not, then I suggest you must! Farmhouse style decors might seem outdated but actually, they’re quite in trend these days. After all, vintage is gold.

Farmhouse signs will change the boring aura of your home to an all-time electric vibe. If you’re a crafter, you’d be dying to do artistic experiments with your home decor.

Most of us get chickened out when it comes to spending huge amounts to renovate our homes, but guess what? DIY projects are downright inexpensive. To make things easy, we’ve compiled a list of farmhouse sign ideas that are not only easy on your pockets but also less time-consuming.

29 Farmhouse Sign DIY Ideas That Are Inexpensive To Make

1. Reclaimed Wood Message Center


Introduce the touch of farmhouse feels to your kitchen area. Make this reclaimed wood message center vertical sign to utilize the space on your kitchen wall.

This vertical sign will effortlessly turn your basic kitchen into an old-school and vintage space. The design is made up of reclaimed wood, so you won’t have to spend a single penny to buy wood!

2. DIY Weathered Sign

Via Missmustardseed

Hang this DIY weathered sign in your living room to spruce up the decor. This project might look like a lot of hard work but it’s a no-brainer. You can either use the quote in the picture or get creative with it.

This single ecstatic piece of wood is going to bring a whole lot of farmhouse vibes to your home.

3. Sweet Tea Served Here Sign

Via theshabbycreekcottage

Let your guests know that you make fantastic tea! Grab a wood piece, paint of your choice, and some basic tools. Install this ‘Sweet tea served here’ sign in your kitchen to blow away the visitor’s mind. It’s a superb way to add personality and tasty information to your kitchen wall.

The sign is effective enough to lure them into asking for your ‘sweet tea’.

4. Love You To The Moon And Back Wooden Sign

Via Thistlewoodfarms

Do you remember the last time you expressed your love for your family? Perhaps not. Make a trip to your local craft store and get a little vinyl and paint to put together this mesmerizing ‘Love you to the Moon and back’ wooden sign.

Hang this beautiful sign in your living room and it’ll keep reminding them of your love always.

5. Rustic Barn Wood Sign

Via Lollyjane

Moving to the suburbs just to enjoy the farmhouse feels might be tough. However, with a little bit of effort and time, you can bring the farmhouse to your home.

Pull off this rustic barn wood ‘Home is where the heart is’ sign and savor the country feels right from the comfort of your home.

6. DIY Wooden Farmhouse Sign

Via Momswithoutanswers

Surround yourself with quotes from the Bible or your favorite book. Construct this DIY wooden farmhouse sign to create personalized country-style home decor. And guess what? You can pull off this impressive project using simple materials like mod podge!

This sign will make your house speak to you incessantly and will also help you to stay focused in life.

7. Vintage Looking Painted Sign

Via Diddledumpling

If you’re looking for a design that is chic yet rustic, put together this wall hanging. Mount these chic vintage looking painted signs made of salvaged wood in your living room.

These customizable hanging signs would cost you pretty much nothing and they’re beginner-friendly too.

8. Simple And Easy DIY Bakery Sign

Via Sarahjoyblog

Paint a wooden piece white and get going to make this bakery sign. This project doesn’t require much woodwork, making it super simple and easy to pull off.

You just require some basic things that you might have at home. Use this sign around your kitchen to create farmhouse-style elegance in no time.

9. Pallet Wood Welcome Sign

Via Housebyhoff

What could be better than greeting your guests with a pallet wood welcome sign?

This welcome sign will take the outdoor of your home to the next level. Place it beside your front door and your visitors will for sure be in awe.

You can use different colors in contrast to your home’s outdoors.

10. DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign

Via Cherisedbliss

Don’t forget to deck up your bathroom while you redecorate the rest of your house. Use this farmhouse ‘flush’ sign near your toilet seat and convert your bathroom decor wholly into the country style.

You can customize and add some more boards to complement this one. The more, the merrier.

11. Farmhouse Style Inspired Home Sign

Via 504main

Here’s a quirky farmhouse style inspired ‘Home’ sign. This distinctive sign is a must-have for people who love words around them. The addition of a small green wreath is a cherry on the top of the cake with this sign.

Hang this sign in a conspicuous niche to flaunt your upper-hand in DIYing and your fondness for farmhouse signs.

12. Farmer’s Market Sign

Via Littleglassjar

Build this reasonably priced ‘Farmer’s market’ sign using a raw board from your local wood store. This board is surprisingly easy to put together and will look incredible in your dining area.

You can pair it up with your furniture to add some more inclusiveness to it. Also, you don’t need to have astonishing calligraphy skills for this sign. Its beauty lies in its simplicity.

13. Rustic DIY Farmhouse Sign With Stencils

Via Grillo-designs

You can easily make this rustic, country-style farmhouse sign using stencils and a few basic craft tools and supplies.

Besides, you can add the charm of fairy lights to it and make it even more compelling in the darkness.

14. Rope Wrapped Sign

Via Hometalk

Get a roll of rope to put together this rope wrapped sign. This rustic signboard, with an extra addition, will make your house look as vintage as ever.

It’s highly customizable and you could add as much personality as you want. You can also color each layer of rope with different colors to make a contemporary-old fusion.

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15. DIY Rustic Food Menu

Via Thesitsgirls

Do you have a hard time deciding what to cook every time you enter the kitchen? Well, prepare a weekly food menu and jot it down on a wooden pallet to make this DIY rustic food menu sign.

Besides being a functional asset, it will help you decorate your home in a rustic style. Leave no place untouched!

16. Mason Jar Pallet Art

Via Thecountrychiccottage

Combine the newness of mason jars with the rusticity of wooden pallets and pull off this amusing mason jar pallet art. This mason jar sign will effortlessly escalate your home decor.

Build this board and hang it in your kitchen where it would look the best. The light blue jar against a dark background radiates tranquil vibes.

17. Cheap And Easy DIY Farmhouse Wood Signs

Via Thesavvysparrow

You can make this cheap and easy farmhouse wood sign even if you don’t have a vinyl cutting machine and have illegible handwriting.

Put up your favorite quotes or blessings on these boards and enjoy the farmhouse feels at your home.

18. DIY Shiplap Sign

Via Makinginthemountains

Rustic is a new rage these days. You can also add some country style vibes to your home decor with this rustic farmhouse-inspired DIY shiplap sign. You can include your favorite flowers to this sign to add some freshness to it and elevate the appearance by 100 times.

19. Make Your Own Farmhouse Signs

Via 100thingstodo

Try these eclectic farmhouse signs for your modern home decor to add every bit of rusticity you ever wanted. The collection of various patterns and designs will make your living room stand out.

And did I tell you that your friends would envy your decor? Well, they sure would and all this will happen at a very minimal cost!

20. DIY Cheap Farmhouse Sign

Gather a large-sized tempered hardboard, furring strips, paint, stencils, and a few basic types of equipment to create this easy DIY farmhouse sign. It’s inexpensive but will add much-needed vintage grace to your home decor with elegance.

You can construct many such signs for every room in your house including the bathrooms.

21. Farmhouse Chalkboard Style Sign

Via Domesticallycreative

Add a rustic charm to your house with these farmhouse chalkboard signs. They look elegant and vintage. You can place them in your living room to flaunt your creative skills to your visitors.

The best part is that they’re very economical and are going to save you a trip down to the antique store.

22. Welcome DIY Wood Sign

Via Lemonthistle

We all love a lush green wreath, don’t we? Adding a wreath to this welcome wood banner might just elevate the look of your house.

It’s really easy to make and you won’t need any power tool to build this engrossing display piece.

23. DIY Farmhouse Sign With Pallet Wood

Via Makingmanzanita

Decorating your house could be difficult if you’re a little tight on the budget. But with this DIY farmhouse sign with pallet wood and repurposed lug wrench, you can own your favorite decor at an inexpensive rate.

Nail this pallet in your living room or bedroom to accentuate the best of this signboard.

24. Farmhouse Love Sign

Via Hometalk

Use this farmhouse ‘Love’ sign in your bedroom and keep your romance as pristine as this signboard. The project is super easy to pull off and looks astonishing when completed.

The inclusion of a tad bit of greenery adds a lot of life to the sign. You could make one for everyone’s room as it’s surprisingly very cheap.

25. DIY Rustic Painted Arrows

Via Canarystreetcrafts

If you’re looking for something that’s cheap and requires very little effort, this project is for you.

You can construct these DIY rustic painted arrows in no time. All you need is a couple of thin plywood or craft wood and chalk paint to draw arrows. Nail these arrows in your living room and enjoy the farmhouse feels.

26. DIY Irish Blessing Sign

Via Blesserhouse

If you have an Irish friend, you might be familiar with the Irish blessings and their sacredness. We strongly recommend you to install this DIY Irish blessing sign in your bedroom or living room and keep receiving God’s grace.

These blessing signs will also be a great addition to your farmhouse-inspired home decor. Plus, they’re simple and inexpensive.

27. Love Rope Sign

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

Play with a rope to make this ‘Love’ sign and mount it in your bedroom. This funky project is quite fun to make during the weekend with your family and requires minimal supplies.

Just a little woodwork, twining, and you’re done! Hang it above your headboard to make the best use of it.

28. DIY Rustic Pallet Sign

Via Lilblueboo

If you’re a sucker for vintage signs, you must be knowing that these signs from an antique store can cost you as much as $1000. Why pay so much when you can DIY one for free? Isn’t that a great deal?

You just need a wooden pallet, some paint, and a few basic supplies to put together this DIY rustic pallet ‘Coca-cola’ sign.

29. Antique Farmhouse I Love You Sign

Via Mylove2create

Unleash your creativity to make this antique farmhouse sign for your bedroom or living room area. The list of required materials might seem quite long but they’re easily accessible and won’t cost you much.

Just a little bit of machining here and there, and you’ll be done. I can’t wait to try it myself!

Now, you know that designing your dream home doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sometimes all you need is a few great DIY ideas and a will to carry them out. What’s stopping you? Get right into making these signs for your home and enjoy the work of your hands.


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