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14 Awesome Nail Hacks

Best Nail Care Hacks EVERYONE Should Know! Today, We are sharing with you nail hacks 5 minute crafts and 5 minute crafts nail hacks that you need in your life! We hope you enjoy watching these nail hacks diy and get inspired to take better care of your nails 🙂


Supplies and Tools:

• Cotton pad
• Nail polish remover
• Foil
• Paint brush
• Scissors
• Press-on nail tips
• Nail file
• Plastic finger model

• Sponge
• Different colors of nail polishes
• Decorative stars
• Clear nail polish
• Q-tip
• Glittering nail polish
• Mechanical pencil lead
• Double sided tape
• Parchment paper
• Rich lotion
• Hot glue gun
• Ring blank
• Silicone manicure stamp
• Rainbow powder
• Stamping nail polish
• Stamping plate
• Scraper
• Marker
• Silver tinsel
• Peel off liquid polish
• Natural paintbrush
• Hot water
• Crayons
• Small printed Crayola logos
• Net
• Glitter
• Angled brush
• Liner nail brush

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