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100 Best DIY Easter Crafts

100 Best DIY Easter Crafts

The spring months are just around the corner, and so is Easter! It’s officially the time to fill your house with bunnies, candies, and eggs. But isn’t that what you do every year? This year, let’s add a bit of uniqueness to ensure your Easter decorations stand apart.

Remember, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on showpieces and ornaments to be the center of attention. Instead, you can craft a lot of fun items to pay tribute to the Easter vibes – carrots, candies, eggs, and much more! This can also be the time you finally get crafting with the kids in your life.

Running low on ideas and inspiration? Here are 100 Easter craft ideas that are easy on the budget and will put you right in the spotlight for the Easter egg hunt this festive season.

Sometimes, something as small as some little decoration as stem straws can make the difference between a regular dinner and an Easter one. You would need five minutes, and just a couple of inexpensive materials from the Dollar store – go ahead, create these cuties!

via hmhdesignsLook at how delicate and graceful this looks! You can create an egg-shaped yarn basket in just a few dedicated hours. It’s a good place to store sweets and trinkets.

3. Funny Bunny Napkin

via petslady

Bunny napkins are super cute and can leave a lasting impression on your guests! They add a festive vibe and can light up your dinner table. The craft is pretty easy to make and can also be a hit if you want to sell Easter crafts and make some profit.

4. Easter Egg Wreath

via simplejoy

Yarn eggs are simple, yet add a playful touch and a lot of vibrance to the setting. You’d need just a few balloons, yarns, and some glue to create these exciting yarn eggs. Create wreaths or join them to make centerpieces for a cost-effective decoration.

5. Washi Tape Easter Egg Picture Frame

via whitehousecrafts

Colorful washi tales come in a host of playful and trendy patterns. Get your kids to help! They will love these exciting picture frames. Experiment with different designs and your kids will uncover a new world of combinations. Make this everlasting by framing it.

6. Paper Strip Easter Egg Art

via minted

Minimalist, but how elegant! Paint paper strips in different colors and patterns, or buy funky origami ones. It’s pretty and quick – great for last-minute decorations.

7. Jelly Bean Topiary

via craftysisters-nc.blogspot

Flowerpot decor is less popular, but a good idea can do you wonders. Here is a quick and exciting topiary decor idea for flower pots. You just need a few styrofoam balls sizes. Use balls of smaller sizes to make it more colorful and festive-style.

8. Baby Chick Easter Printables

via livinglocurto

Printable easter cards can prove to be an excellent decoration for food items like cupcakes. The cute baby chicks printed on these card makes your dinner table adorable! This would be a hit among the kids.

9. Easter Baskets

via livinglocurto

Create a unique easter hunting basket using cheap plastic kiddie pools from the dollar store. You can make it a fun puzzle by stuffing in a giant secret surprise for the kids. The decor craft would double up as a game and lighten the mood around.

10. Easter Egg Tree

via peanutblossom

Placed anywhere, this easter egg tree is surely an idea that will attract a lot of eyes. Easter egg trees are typically expensive at stores and most of us refrain from investing in them. But this intriguing yet easy to create Easter egg tree is an irresistible crafting option for decor.

11. Goody Bags like Easter Bunny

via probablyactually

Boring old candy pouches are typically made of cotton and tied by a piece of cloth. That doesn’t sound ideal for Easters. Instead, consider creating these unique yet inexpensive bunny bags that are easy to craft and match your Easter decorations.

12. Easter Eggs and Bunny Ears

via thecelebrationshoppe

The much-awaited bunny decor! Adding a couple of bunny ears can welcome that Easter vibe and create an impression in front of your family. All it takes is a few minutes each, and then watch them steal the attention!

13. Dye Easter Eggs

via dreamywhites

Have you ever heard of dying easter eggs using fruits and vegetables? Well, it’s a popular and trendy trick to make your Easter eggs into decorative items in minutes. The simple tutorial can let you create a valuable piece of decor using just Easter eggs.

14. Mischievous Little Bunny

via craftberrybush

Easter decorations are all about creating some adorable items for kids. Here is a creative and mischievous bunny idea inspired by those luscious cupcakes out there! The biodegradable pot will hold some attractive jelly beans and that forms the base of this project.

15. Polka Dot Easter Eggs

via craftberrybush

Polka dots never go out of fashion. They are terribly easy to create and the retro feel they bring with them is irreplaceable. You can decorate your eggs using these colorful patterns by following this simple tutorial that is bound to impress your guests.

16. Spring Centrepiece

via homeyohmy

Copper and marble are such an elegant combination! These vases on the marble look serene. The torque pot contains a candle that spreads fragrance and freshness around. The lighting will further make for a silhouette effect.

17. Bunny Crossing Sign

via homeyohmy


Make your entrance more welcoming by adding a bunny crossing sign on your fence picket. Let the neighborhood know it’s Easter, and the party is on you. It sets up the mood and looks so damn cute.

18. Easter Tree Centrepiece

via remodelandolacasa

Centerpieces can be super expensive if bought from a shop. Here is an adorable Easter craft that you can create easily and looks very impressive. You can use real eggshells to lend authenticity to this craft.

19. Umbrella Wreath

via onegoodthingbyjillee

Door DIY crafts are hard to find but don’t look further than this umbrella wreath for this Easter. The craft uses minimal supplies and is a slightly unorthodox idea that will take only minutes to create.

20. Easter Egg Banner

via  creationsbykara

Decorate your walls with these colorful Easter Egg banners. These add a splash of vibrance to your bare walls and completes the decoration above the mantel. These also add a fun texture to dull and boring walls – -ready for a festival in a heartbeat!

21. Handmade Reggina Rabbits

via thehandmadehome

How often have you seen these Reggina rabbits in art galleries for Easter decorations? Well, you don’t need to shell out big bucks to bring these cuties home for your kids. Here is a pretty simple tutorial – even your children could follow it to create their own rabbits!

22. Mason Jar Craft

via number-2-pencil

Sometimes, it’s the sheer simplicity of the idea that grabs attention. The cute decoration of these mason jars with popping colors in the background adds a lot of playfulness around. It’s an excellent idea for candy jars for kids!

23. Chick and Bunny Treat Holders

via hwtm

These paper cup chick-and-bunny treat holders are a delight to watch! These will impress the kids and prove to be great candy jars. You won’t have to spend money separately on jars as all it takes are paper cups and inexpensive craft items to create these.

24. Finger Puppets Easters

via woojr

Here is a unique finger puppet idea made out of pipe cleaners. These expand and contract because of the presence of the spring and act as toys apart from decorations. Take help from your children to create this attractive project!

25. Jordan Almond Birdies

via thekitchn

Why limit decor and crafting to inedible items? Now you can make your Jordy Almonds dance to the Easters tune by this simple yet cute decoration. You can also replace Almonds with M&M based on your preference.

26. Rustic Chalkboard Easter Eggs

via smashedpeasandcarrots

Here is a fun and functional craft for Easters if you are looking for a long but useful project. You can use thin tree cutouts to make the eggs and remodel them as rustic chalkboards that look like colorful easter eggs as shown here.

27. Simple Bunny Candy Pouch

via mermag

Make an impression by creating these cute little candy pouches! These bunny doll candy pouches will be the highlight of all the kids at your Easter party this year.

28. Egg Candles

via punchbowl

Increase the sheen of your Easters dinner – use eggshells to create these acrylic-painted melted wax candles! Paint these in various colours or make different color combinations that set the mood in your decor.

29. Coffee Filter Flower

via urbancomfort

If you are a fan of coffee filter bowls and want a cheaper yet equally attractive version, here is your chance! Craft these carrots and baskets made of simple materials easily found at the dollar store. Once you get a hang of handling these, you can create each in just 10 minutes.

30. Egg Carton Animals

via everydaydishes

If you have the habit of throwing away egg cartons, you need to stop now. They can be used to create gorgeous crafts like these animals with ease. Your kids will love this spring craft!

31. Pom Pom Bunnies

via justcraftyenough

These pom-pom bunnies look so fluffy and adorable that you can’t help but create these for your kids. Perhaps your kids can themselves create these with a little help and very readily available items. How cute!

32. Egg Hot Air Balloons

via snowdropandcompany

Start your festive decor by creating these plastic hot air balloons! These balloons justify both the spring and Easter vibe. It’s an inexpensive yet unique craft that can also be used for gifting. You can add a traveler to your basket for some extra cuteness.

33. Party Hat Easter Egg

via flaxandtwine

Turn the Easter excitement on by crafting these cute little eggs with party hats. They spread positivity and make the surrounding picturesque. Complement them with a light backdrop and some colorful flowers in the background – so splendid!

34. Washcloth Bunny

via thatswhatchesaid

Another simple yet exciting kid’s craft, this washcloth bunny takes just a few folds and gluing buttons and stuff to complete! It’s so easy that you can start it minutes before the guests would arrive and keep your children busy.

35. Bunny Party Hats

via thehousethatlarsbuilt

It’s the time to be ready with all your party poppers, candies, and hats. Drown every party accessory in an Easter theme! Create these cute bunny-faced party hats to light up the party.

36. Paper Straw Easter Egg

via keepingitsimplecrafts

This looks so modern! Here is a way to create an egg-shaped craft using colorful and trendy paper straws. It’s simple and covers a substantial space, filling in dull parts of the room.

37. Easter Bunny Paper Stitching

via craftwithsarah

Save some money and get your creativity running! You can create a simple card to place on your mantelpiece for Easter this time. It’s not as challenging as you’d thought – definitely not enough to justify the $10 price tags in the gift galleries. 

38. Easter Wreaths

via craftwithsarah


Choose from Sarah’s wide collection of wreath crafts ideas for the windows and the doors. The burlap is one of my personal favorites because of the natural and rustic vibe to it.

39. Stained Glass Easter Suncatcher

via supplyme

The stained glass effect exudes a retro and intriguing feel that you can’t take your eyes off. You can add anything you like – easter bunny, chick, or eggs and give the craft a stained glass effect as shown here.

40. Easter Cross Paper Plate

via godlyladies

Here is another exciting craft idea for your kids that includes easily available supplies like paper plates and black paper. Illustrate the meaning of Easter to your kids by breaking the eggs to reveal the cross.

41. Easter Resurrection Set

via catholicsprouts

This resurrection set celebrates the miracles of Easter – much like those Christmas sets you might have crafted in December! You can also print the same as given here and craft the set yourself.

42. Easter Dinner Napkin Rings

via catholicicing

Bring out Easter’s message by using something as simple as napkins! Each of these eggs includes an Easter story that your kids will be curious to know. The napkin rings and intelligent use of colors make the setting more attractive.

43. Bunny Service Jar

via happyhomefairy

This Easter, encourage kindness! Take a Bunny service jar and add a poem of kindness to it along with the candies. This way you’ll be able to deliver a meaningful message along with the candies and gifts, which are just as fun!

44. Easter Egg Ornaments

via firefliesandmudpies

If you have a designated Easter Egg tree, here are a few ornament ideas you can make as a fun activity. These will save you from spending money on the store and let your kids enjoy and learn about Easters by making ornaments!

45. Unicorn Decorated Eggs

via redtedart

Let the eggs remain in their carton tray and get crafting! You can create a masterpiece like this with some creativity. The unicorn horn puts the cherry on the top. Use colors wisely and give different moods to each egg.

46. Shaving Cream Marbled Paper Eggs

via typicallysimple

Bring out something meaningful from the messiness of your kids this Easter. Your kids will make vivid patterns while painting these marbled paper eggs using shaving cream. The pastel color looks very fresh and warm here, but you can use any colors that catch your eye.

47. Tissue Paper Easter Egg Suncatcher

via kidscraftroom

Creating suncatchers has never been easier! These tissue paper suncatchers look vibrant and are perfect for hanging outside during Egg hunts. The craft is pretty much mess-free and can be crafted by children too.

48. Woodland Animal Egg Easter Craft

via artycraftykids

Just take a look at these adorable woodland animals made using eggs! They look so welcoming and can even become the centerpiece if you manage to paint the carton well. The intricate detailing might turn out best if left to the adults!

49. Bunny Charm with Keyring

via onecrazymom

This bunny charm keyring deserves to be with everyone because of its cuteness as well as a lucky charm. You can hang these on Easter baskets as well as use it on Easter gifts. It’s easy to create and will take only a couple of hours.

50. Easter Bunny Pom Pom Pots

via southerninlaw

Another one of those rare easter bunny pot decorations! These are extremely simple and extremely adorable. You can gift these to your kids, teachers, parents, and anyone you like. It’s like a token of goodwill that costs next to nothing.

51. Mason Jar Chocolate Bunny Gifts

via craftymorning

If you are planning on sending out gifts, add some chocolates or candies in a mason jar like this. It’s a simple but effective idea that will win hearts!

52. Lollipop Bunnies

via onelittleproject

It is easy to turn inexpensive items into cute gifts for kids if you have the right ideas! For instance, creating the lollipops bunnies can transform a simple lollipop into a valuable gifting item. You can create one for all your kid’s friends within the hour.

53. Paper Flower Spring Centrepiece

via thecardswedrew

Creating a centrepiece may not be challenging at all if you have a tutorial as simple as this! This centrepiece with pop coloured flowers adds a touch of nature as well as vibrance to your Easter decorations.

54. Terracotta Striped Vase

via bloominghomestead

Terracotta pots are inexpensively priced at about a dollar or so at Dollar stores. It is incredible how you can use these to make such a gorgeous vase for all your favourite flowers!

55. Spring Floral Crown

via thehousethatlarsbuilt

Crafting isn’t just about setting up decorations around your house. You can also create exciting floral crowns like the one shown here! It looks fantastic and suitable for Easter parties. This is the one thing you need to truly shine as the host this year!

56. Tulip Wreath with Fresh Flowers

via letsdiyitall

Here is a craft for your Easter morning! You can create this gorgeous tulip wreath to make your entrance more welcoming and ready for the festival. Add fresh flowers here to ensure it remains fragrant and natural too.

57. Snuggle Bunny Sewing

via missdaisypatterns

If you know how to sew, there’s no limit on what you can create! You can sew this cute and soft snuggle bunny toy for Easter gifting and decorations. It’s cuddly and fluffy and will be super popular among kids. Give it a name and watch it steal the attention!

58. Personalised Sharpy Mug

via jennifermaker

Mugs never go out of fashion when it comes to personalised gifts. These mugs become a memory that people cherish every time they pour tea or coffee. Buy cheap customisable mugs like those from Starbucks and create these intriguing patterns as shown here. You can make pretty Easter patterns, or go a step further and create something personal!

59. Easter Bunny Crayons

via projectnursery

Create a host of patterns from crayons using this simple technique! You can buy crayons of different shapes – a true hit with kids from local stores as well as online. Creating these using different moulds is so much fun!

60. Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

via thechaosandtheclutter

Bubble Wrap crafts are almost extinct nowadays, so this easter egg idea comes as a refreshing change! You don’t need to be good at painting – just do enough to make an effortless colourful mess like shown here.

61. Scissor Skill Chicks

via icanteachmychild

Your toddlers will love to create these scrap chicks! You need to glue various small papers to create funky pieces of craft like this is. Add some small paper cutouts for the eyes and nose for a fun activity.

62. Origami Book Folding Art

via easypeasyandfun

Here’s another fun art and craft for your kids to hone their skills! This origami book art acts as a cute bookmark. Since your kid will create such a bookmark themselves, they would want to read and show off too! It’d be hard to believe for their friends.

63. Easter Yarn Art

via craftplaylearn

Involve your kids in creating fresh carrots and baby chicks using yarn! It’s a fun activity you can also save for all the kids when Easter day comes. You can use both synthetic and plant-based fibres to create strong art.

64. Salt Dough Easter Eggs

via designmom

Pastels and spring green are the trending colors when it comes to Easter. Salt dough easter egg ornaments add a splash of liveliness to your Easter trees. They are quick attractive crafts that you can make in a couple of hours and yield amazing results!

65. Toilet Roll Chicks

via onelittleproject

This couldn’t get simpler! Paint the toilet rolls yellow and give them a chick makeover for a quick children’s craft. Your kids would love to complete this bright craft, and the yellow color looks attractive and festive-like.

66. Easter Burlap Wreath

via thehappyhousie.porch

Burlaps are easily found, and the wreaths and decorations made using them turn about splendid. This year, welcome your guests with an attractive burlap wreath with a cute little bunny. The grass look below also adds a natural finish.

67. Bunny Stickers

via wipkits

Something for the sore eyes! Create a pop-art sticker panel that you can put up on a stand on the side table. Here, they have placed bunnies of various contrasting colors and textures. You can also gift these to anyone who comes to your house.

68. Make Clothespin Bunnies

via onelittleproject

There’s nothing to not love about clothespin crafts – they are just so simple! Just take a look at these clothespin bunnies. You can even use them to teach your kids how to paint. This also comes in handy if you want to teach them those strokes.

69. Paper Flower Topiary

via apumpkinandaprincess

Apart from regular natural flowers, you can also add a few flower topiaries. These make for excellent decorative items. These paper flowers look very vibrant and attractive. You can also use these as a brilliant backdrop for pictures.

70. Glittery Egg Flower Arrangement

via frugalmomeh

You may assume that this glittery arrangement is expensive, but it can be crafted in a dime from dollar store items. No one could ever guess how inexpensive it is because of the shiny metallic pots and neatly crafted flowers.

71. Dollar Store Rainbow Wreath

via 100things2do

This fine and colorful rainbow wreath is made up of inexpensive and elegant dollar store items. It would cost you less than $20 to arrange these items and it looks like a lavish piece of decor!

72. Painted Mason Jars

via theinspirationboard

Paint your mason jars in lighter-toned colors and decorate them with a cute label to store flowers and candies. For some extra elegance, look for jars that have some cursive texts imprints. These are simple crafts that you can even ask your kids to complete.

73. Egg Garland

via kellyelko

It’s time you dress up your elegant garland using some pop colored eggs to bring that Easter vibe home! You can also decorate your mantel, window as well as the doorway and create a cute and welcoming space.

74. Decorate Flower Pots

via lulus

Another excellent way to decorate flower pots is by simply covering them in paper or fabric. It is a quick and easy decorating method and you can choose from a wide array of prints. Place flowers, pens, candies or whatever you like in these for Easter.

75. Printable Pin Wheels


There’s no dearth of ideas when it comes to kids DIY crafts. These pinwheels offer an attractive yet practical option – your kids will love to play with them, while you can add them to a candy jar for a quick decoration idea.

76. Easter Banner for Yard

via nobiggie

You can’t leave out craft decorations for the yard when decorating for Easters! A quick decorating idea is to create a blackboard style banner in front of the yard and decorate it with these cute Easter stickers for a festive vibe.

77. Easter Egg Pinata DIY

via ohhappyday

Go easy on your wallet! Easter egg pinatas can be made from just balloons. They are decorative and light up dull walls and dull spaces in your house. It takes a bit of time to craft this project but it is surely worth the time.

78. Pompom Eggs

via littlemisscelebration

Make for an egg hunt for your family using these attractive fuzzy balls! You just need to buy readymade pompoms and stick them on white plastic eggs. It’s such a fun and yet easy craft to make for kids – hours of playtime within a few minutes!

79. Personalized Egg Pot

via thecelebrationshoppe

If you are looking to hold a beer party at your home, decorative pails are a must. Think about these painted buckets with lighter tones – how very minimalist and classy. Adding these buckets will make your egg hunt more interesting too.

80. Carrot Easter Pinatas

via bystephanielynn

A mini carrot pinata would be such an excellent gift for your kids! The green coloured grass above makes it more original and yet so exciting. It’s a very creative idea and super cute It’s quite easy to go through this as a crafting idea for kids.

81. Blooming Branches Easter Centrepiece

via stonegableblog

To bring the spring vibe in your decorations, try to fit in some lighter toned flowers, like light green and white. That adds a dash of elegance as well as a peaceful vibe. They can act as a beautiful centrepiece for your mantel too.

82. Spring Egg Centrepiece

via abeautifulmess

A spring centrepiece for your mantels is typically difficult to create, but this centrepiece dyed in jewel tones can do just that. The piece looks so minimalistic yet natural. It exudes elegancy and no one would ever notice how inexpensive it is. 

83. Pompom Bunny Tail Garland

via diycandy

Here is a cute little idea for creating a garland to add a dash of playfulness to the surroundings! It is made with scrapbook paper that you and your kids would love to complete. It can also add some freshness and happiness to the overall decor.

84. Cupcake Wrapper Easter Baskets

via thetomkatstudio

If you thought your cupcake wrappers are just for cupcakes and baking, you might be wrong. Just look at how you can use this item to craft an exemplary and attractive piece of Easter craft! You can use handmade baskets, paper flowers and cupcake wrappers to make this piece of art.

85. Swedish Feather Tree

via thehousethatlarsbuilt

Feather trees are minimalistic and peaceful pieces of craft that can add so much elegance to your festive decor. They can make for a gorgeous and occupying centrepiece, apart from adding a funky statement to your house.

86. Recycled Bunny Vase

via weekendcraft

You don’t have to buy expensive vases to keep flowers – you just need to create a recycled bunny vase like this. You’d need a glass mason jar and a few art skills to save tens of dollars and make the piece a picturesque one. Placing yellow flowers can make the decor chic too!

87. Tin Can Bunny Planter

via weknowstuff

Considering the harsh and industrial look of a tin can, it would be hard to imagine making it look so cute and adept! It looks pretty adorable and the colour combination of pink and white makes the bunny come alive. It’s easy to create and enhances your decor for Easter.

88. Yarn Chicks

via diyhowto

You may not expect a yarn craft to look this good, but just some effort of over a couple of hours can do wonders. These yarn chicks almost look alive and fit into the Easter decor effortlessly as they make for a great arrangement too.

89. Glue Yarn Bowl

via redtedart

If you have spare woollen or yarn ends, you can make good use of them by creating yarn bowls like this. They look good on a side table, and as decor in front of the windows. The glossy beads in them add a dash of vibrancy and color to the item.

90. Carrot Treat Boxes for Candies

via ellaclaireinspired

Finding the right decorative box can be a tough job and this carrot treat box solves your woes! You can store chocolates, candies, toffees and any other small items in it – how apt for an Easter gift. The packaging is so cute that you don’t need to worry about what goes inside it.

91. Cute Bunny Paper Craft

via easypeasyandfun

Here is an adorable bunny craft idea for your kids. It may take a bit of effort and guidance, but your kids will learn a lot from it. They would also feel very confident and proud once they create something this cute!

92. Paper Straw Tulip Craft

via iheartcraftythings

You might be surprised at how easily you can make such a wonderful tulip craft. You don’t even need much – just paper straws and other inexpensive material. It looks so wonderful kept in the glass jars or vases on your table!

93. Paper Hyacinth Flower

via onelittleproject

Although a bit tedious, I bet this paper hyacinth craft will be worth every minute. Once you get in to flow, it would hardly take you 5 minutes for every flower. All of these flowers look extremely pretty and make for a gorgeous piece of Easter decor. Best part? They don’t wither!

94. Topiary Bunny Wreath

via thehousethatlarsbuilt

If you like to dress up your door and need an elegant decoration, this topiary bunny wreath is just the craft for you. It looks so lavish and perfect that no one would guess it’s been handcrafted by you. The green and gold combination best brown or dark colored doors best, as you’d notice here.

95. Egg Inspired Vases

via tatertotsandjello

Here are some easter egg vases that are extremely easy to create, yet do wonders in your setting. The pink and purple polka dot style is my personal favourite. If you’re not a big fan, you can also opt for the stripe ones. You will get a lot of liberty creating these and the possibilities are endless!

96. Popsicle Stick Bunny Decor

via makeanddocrew

This popsicle stick Easter craft idea will suit the spring decor as well as an Easter or nursery decor perfectly. It’s sleek, slim and classy too. Crafting this masterpiece won’t be hard – all it takes is some affordable items along with a bit of effort.

97. Peeps Sunflower

via womansday

Sunflowers are some lesser-used ideas to craft for Easter, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating the flashy and vibrant craft. It is suitable to place on any of your tables and adds a splash of yellow that fits the Easter vibe.

98. Lamb made from Q-Tips

via onelittleproject

Q-Tips are readily available in most houses which makes this craft an effortless one. Your kids can take up this fun activity that would look ideal as a spring centrepiece for your mantel. Inexpensive items from the dollar store would be good enough to create these, plus it will keep the little ones busy for a while!

99. Dyed Easter Eggs

via bhg

Drizzle colours and splash eggs to dye them in the colour of Easters this festive month. You can experiment with various textures and keep them around the house for an intriguing Easter hunt as planned by you and your family.

100. Plastic Easter Egg Bunnies

via parents

Remodel the cheap plastic Easter eggs by drawing cute bunnies on them and dying them in attractive colours. These look good on kids tables as well as other spaces that need enlightening as well as a positive touch. You can even give them angry or sad faces for variety!

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